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Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Cards are Treasures

The Christmas cards have started to arrive and the big question is....what am I going to do with them! I don't want to just put them in a stack on the desk.....they are all treasures and meant to be enjoyed.

Some were made by sweet family members....

some were selected especially for me..who knew  I  like pink?

You will find my treasures scattered all through the house.....These have been paper clipped to wires strung across picture frames.  I can easily change them out as new ones arrive

I put some under the Christmas tree...

This is the one my daughter sent this year...she knows that I love the fold out kind!

I put some on the kitchen table...we will enjoy these when we have coffee in the mornings.

I will change them out as we get new ones...
I will put a few special ones on the table next to our bed.....some will go  on the table in my inspiration room... some on a silver plate in the entry way..... clip them to a lamp shade frame (set it on the dining table as the centerpiece, your guests will love to look at your treasures as they eat......make a wreath with them (just pin them to a straw wreath and add a bow ....string them together to make a garland,... hang a shutter on the wall or door and put your cards in the slots.   The list goes on and on......And there are so many crafts you can use them in when Christmas is over!  I hope you have got some inspiration...

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  1. Penny, they look beautiful in the frames. Love that. So many good ideas on how to display them. I am receiving less and less each year. It's such a nice tradition to send cards. I hope they starting coming in soon!! I love your Eiffel Tower card!!

  2. Yes it's hard to not put them on display. I have quite a few already too. No dusting done once they are up :)

  3. I love to keep the beautiful cards I get. Lately, the girls have been using the older ones as adornments for packages. I still send about 70 cards a year. I keep saying I'm going to quit but I haven't so far- xo Diana

  4. This cards are so beautiful Penny! Love the way you display them!
    Take care!

  5. Great ideas on how to display them. Very pretty thank you!

  6. Dear Penny, i love these cards and the way you display them...especially in the frames. Your touch is always gorgeous.

  7. So Beautiful!!!! Would it be possible to find out where you get the Eiffel Tower cards from?I would Love to have one.Thank you.Merry Christmas!!!!!

  8. Penny,
    Here I am playing catch up once again!! I am finally finished decorating and have our first house showing for company to day! WHEW!!
    Love the cards pinned to the wires on the frames!! You have given me much needed ideas as i always wonder where to put the cards....


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