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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Adding Bling to a Chandelier

I bought this chandy at an auction in Sudan Texas back in the early fall...and it has been patiently sitting in the garage until now.   It had plenty of crystals but you all know me,  I thought it would be even more gorgeous with more.   Sometimes more is less....sometimes more is even better!

The photo on the right shows the chandy that had been hanging above the family room dining table.   I replaced it with the new chandy.     Back in the summer,  I had a chandy fall from the ceiling out in the studio and break into a million pieces,   so I had been looking for a replacement. 
The medallion that we used on the ceiling  held a clock in a previous life.

On the left is how she looked before I added some more bling.....quite a difference as you can see in the photo on the right

I found these Christmas chandy ornaments at HL yesterday for 80% off,  so they were about $1.20 each.   I hung them on some of the chandy arms and am very pleased with the look.

At the auction,  there were also two smaller chandy's that are very similar and I was lucky enough to get the bid on them as well.   I hope to get them hung in the next few days and show you how they look.
I have all of the Christmas put away in the kitchen and master bedroom.    Still need to work on the family room and sun room.   I wasn't in any hurry to put it all up and I won't get in a hurry to take it down.  
Happy New Year


  1. Penny I like the extra bling! I think it looks real nice.
    I wish you a very Happy and Blessed New Year. xo Catherine

  2. Penny,
    Good Morning,my friend!!

    I am off for 2 nights off, due back at work on New Year's Day night..... I have not had 2 nights off in a row for over a week and a half and I am tired,,,

    But what a way to start my day is by having my eyes feast upon his beautiful chandy!!

    First off, the clock used as a medalion is ingenious!! Hats off to you on that one!!

    Love the ornaments added to the chandy!! I always add different "goodies" to the DR Chandy.....
    In fact, Joe picked up something on clearance in Wegman's that can be used on a chandy or for other things. I will be doing a post on that soon but I am taking a bit of a break.

    I will be posting my One Little Word tomorrow so I hope you will visit.....


  3. That's the most beautiful thing u have ever posted! Happy new year!

  4. Love all that bling Penny! Have an awesome New Year, can't wait to see what is next on your blog.

  5. So beautiful Penny. If your going to have a beautiful crystal chandy you might as well go all out! Right!
    Happy New Year! Jo

  6. looks just gorgeous! Your ideas are always great!

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  8. Beautiful! I have a weakness for chandeliers! Those ornaments add so much to it and give it a nice full look. What a great idea.

  9. I love chandeliers I have a few They look good any where
    HPS Laura

  10. I love the bling Penny. It is stunning.

    Happy New Year,


  11. Great idea! Thanks for joining HSH!


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