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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Neutral Fall Tree

I had some "light problems" on the fall tree that I shared earlier,  don't you just hate it when that happens.

    I decided it would be easier to take all the existing decor off and start new.     Well,  it didn't really turn out to be easier because I decided to change the fall theme of the tree while it was bare!

Would you like a tour of my new fall!

I'm going to start the tour at the bottom of the tree.

    I made my Gunne Sax pumpkin last year from a dress that was in pretty bad shape.       

I have 'families' of white owls scattered around the tree......

I have bouquets of white roses rather than having roses scattered around the tree.....

neutral pumpkins......

I bought several boxes of these silver white owls last year at Lowes    (80% off0        I have a string of them hung around the bottom of the tree.

My tree topper is a wreath I made from cotton bolls and a big lace bow at the top.

Earlier fall tree....................................................................Later fall tree

For the tree skirt I used a white chenille spread.    Couldn't resist putting a white turkey under the tree,   maybe I'll add a few more touches of Thanksgiving after Halloween.

I sure hope I don't have anymore light issues,   it's a lot of work to fix them once you've decorated the tree!

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  1. I absolutely love this tree!! :)

  2. Such a beautiful tree ♥ Happy Friday ♥

  3. It's a beauty! I HATE light problems!!!! xo Diana

  4. Love the neutral colours! Your tree is very elegant and chic
    Hugs Alessandra

  5. Both trees look great but I really do love the all white one. Love the white owls and the white pumpkin especially. I want to do a white tree like yours. I have several white owls and white flowers from past decorations but I need a white tree. I could kick myself because I found one not too long ago and talked myself out of buying it because I didn't think I'd ever do a white tree design. But then I saw the posts of your cute white trees and fell in love with the look so now I want to do one! haha I won't be doing that again! I'm so excited to see several posts from you, showing more goodies and decorations that have been Pennified! Gonna go check them out. Judy

  6. beautiful while I did not think I would like the pale neutral colors it is really pretty.
    come see us at

  7. Penny!!
    OMG!! I LOVE it!! I see you added more lights like you mentioned and it looks so much better!! LOVE the owls you got at Lowes and all the white ones too!! Love the neutral pumpkins too!! Stunning!!

  8. You really out did yourself Penny, and the owl families are adorable. Clusters of flowers can certainly have more impact and give the tree some visual air to breathe, so you can see the 'important' themed items. Sometimes a less is more, give MORE impact. Really gorgeous, thanks for sharing, Sandi

  9. Love both trees! Loved everything in today's post!

  10. another piece of gorgeousness! Sometime you'll have to share your secret for storing all these pretties.

  11. How beautiful! Your fall tree is simply spectacular! Pinning. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle!

  12. I love your tree!! It's so pretty and has owls!


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