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Monday, February 26, 2018

New Spring Bedding and Easter Decor

I usually pack up  the winter bedding at the same time I decorate for Easter.   

On the left you can see I had a heavy rose blanket on the bed as well as a ruffled comforter to pull up if I got cold.    Today,  I took those off and put on a light weight quilt for the spring/summer months.    

I had intended to use a light weight quilt that I already had.    But,  when I was at Target over the week end buying pink towels for the bathroom I ran into this quilt.    It was over by the towels on an end cap,   not near the other quilts.    I swear,   I was not even in the bedding!    Anyway,   I had looked at this quilt before and the $120 price tag was more than I wanted to spend.    When I saw it was marked down to $36......I had to get it!    Right?      If you are in the market for a good buy on a quilt,   check your Target.     I do want to let you know that they run small,   I bought a King for my Queen bed and it fit perfect.

Here's a close up ........

and another close up.

I kept most of the pillows that were already on the bed.

I did add  a pair of polka dot rose pillows.

And I also added a sweet bunny pillow.

I changed out the wall decor on this side of the bed.

I kept the decor on the table to a minimum.     I need plenty of room for a drink.....a snack.....and the remote!

I added some Easter to the existing decor on the mantel.

I took away a couple of floral designs you see on the mantel in the photo on the left to make room for the bunny picture you see on the mantel in the photo on the right. 
Did you notice that I took out the table at the end of the bed?       It had been there a while and I wanted a new less cluttered look for spring.

One of the floral designs you saw on the mantel in the before photo found a new home on the side table you saw earlier.   The other floral design found a new home on the chesser.

I bought my bunny canvas last year at ICanvas,   and I think they still have them this season.

The spring banner can be found on Pinterest, on my Print it board.    

Here's a link to it if you would like one.......

I love the new look in the bedroom!


  1. This is such a pretty bedroom. The quilt is perfect and I absolutely love the bunny pillow.

  2. Your bedroom is stunning and I love everything that you have done. Congratulations on your find at Target. Love the bunny pillow, where did you get that or have you had it for awhile?

    Have a great week.


    1. Hi Mary, I am so glad that you like what I've done to the bedroom! I found the bunny pillow at Home Goods just the other day.....hugs....

  3. Such a lovely bedroom! I think your find at Target is just wonderful. The quilt has so much detail definitely got a bargain. I saw your post over at the "Tips & Tutorials" blog party.

  4. Thanks for sharing and for also sharing your sources! You're the best.

  5. The bunny pillow and the banner really caught my eyes

  6. So lovely and great buy on the Shabby Chic! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  7. I love your new quilt, hooray for the end caps! thank you for sharing with us at Create and Celebrate!

  8. That quilt is just beautiful Penny, I would have been real tempted to buy it at the original price, so happy you found it marked down. It's really lovely. Your whole bedroom is gorgeous with it's new Spring look

  9. Lovely room - and the spring accents, from the delightful shabby-chic quilt to the enchanting bunny pillow, are certainly a lift to the spirits. I see ANOTHER banner - I love that you use banners in your decor. I adore them - but never seem to actually put one up! LOL

    Again, thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. I love the look of your bedroom. It's so feminine and romantic looking. I think I would feel very pampered if I slept in your bed, which is a good thing! Thank you for sharing your lovely spring room with us at Party in Your PJ's.

  11. Penny,
    What a lovely quilt and lucky you, getting it at such a great price!!

  12. Just love your home, and your photos are a constant source of inspiration!!! xxxx

  13. You are going to be the death of me yet Penny lol ... I have been trolling your Pinterest boards for the past hour .... I could get lost in there for hours! Love, love, love all the beautiful designs and your blog is like being able to take a step out of the world we live in and be able to just sit back and sigh in delight. Thank you for sharing!


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