Saturday, January 15, 2022

How I've Decorated after Christmas with Winter Decor

Well,   Christmas is behind us for another year!     I have to admit that I was ready to declutter and pack up all the red decor.      Since pink & white are my favorite decorating colors,   I tire of red pretty!
I love to use Snowmen in my winter decor so I gathered all of them up and created a display in the lit cabinet in the family dining room.    On this end of the ledge,   I have half of my snowman family.....Dad with 2 of the kids.....         

On this side of the ledge,   I have Mom and the rest of the family


I filled the shelves in my cabinet with wintery vignettes.....

The winter prints that I used in the cabinet are actually from one of my old Farmhouse calendars.

Here's another winter print from one of my old calendars....

Tree's are a great thing to use in winter vignettes....and of course I chose to use pink and white ones!

As some of the winter decor in my cabinet,   I used a Let it Snow sign.....a pink milk glass bowl filled with metal bells.....and if you look close on the top shelf you will see a couple of sweet ice skate prints.

I clipped a couple of paper mitten prints to a wreath that I had on hand.

Winter animals are always easy to work into a vignette too. 

I wanted to show you guys how I gave my snow people a make over.....

I painted their orange carrot noses pink and replaced the red berries with pink flowers.  

Dad is the only one I didn't get around to giving his nose a coat of pink paint.....maybe next year!   

If you look close you can see some of the other winter decor that I used in my cabinet......tall white metal bells & white wood trees on the top shelf......on the next shelf I have pigs wearing buffalo check trapper hats &battery operated candles.....and more!

Thank you so much for stopping by...come back again soon! 



  1. The cutest decor ever Penny. The black and white buffalo check pops with the white trees.

  2. Love it....Perfect for winter !

  3. The family of snow people is very cute, Penny. What are they made from? My favorite of you decor, though, is the cow pictures. I have a bit of a thing for cows, especially the black and white ones and have a small collection of cow art.

  4. Love that you personalized your snowfolk to suit your decor. They look awesome.

  5. I love the snowmen. Very creative to paint the noses pink.

  6. Love it! I used my former calendar winter pics too. I actually found a frame that they fit into perfectly. Plus who can resist snowmen...

  7. I love the pink trees! I'm using some white bottle brush trees on my Valentine's Day tiered tray, and I need some like yours for my shelves! I hope you'll come share your posts tomorrow on Crafty Creators which is replacing Traffic Jam Weekend.
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  8. Those snowmen are so sweet! I love them for winter! :) Visiting from TFT. :)

  9. Snowmen and cows! ♫ These are a few of my favorite things...♪

  10. So happy and cheerful! Just darling! I love your snowmen makeovers too!

  11. I love how you've decorated for winter! The cow prints and snowmen are my favorite.

  12. I really like the combination of black and white and pink in your winter decor. Thanks for sharing your home with us. #HomeMattersParty

  13. Penny,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I love those sweet snowmen and those darling pink trees!! I am going to be visiting a bit with you so don't think i am a stalker!! LOL!


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