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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Winter Family Room 2023

Happy New Year!

Welcome to our 2023 Winter Family Room

The colors I've chosen to decorate our family room in are green,   pink ,  and lots of winter white

The focal point of the vignette behind the sofa is a picture of winter sheep.....

On the left side of the picture is a bowl of pink pinecones.....

And a sign that says "beautiful pink winter"

On the right side of the picture is another bowl of pink pinecones

And a pink sign with white lettering  that says "walking in a winter wonderland"

The back of the centerpiece on the coffee table is decorated with a wooden sheep......

And a small wooden snowflake....... 

I bought about a dozen of the small wooden snowflakes at Hobby Lobby in the 75% off Christmas clearance aisle

I left 2 pink undecorated tree's in the family room for a few more weeks         I also left 3 birch branch lit trees to give a soft glow to the family room in the evening.

If you missed my post sharing the Winter fireplace in the family's a link to it.....

 Happy New Year!



  1. Love the Sheep Pic behind the sofa - It looks like they're looking in the window! Happy New Year Penny ! ! ! :)

  2. The soft shade of pink you have in the room is perfect with all the white. Just so soft and comforting and your family room looks so cozy. This post will be a feature this week. Thanks for sharing it with us. #HomeMattersParty

  3. That sheep picture is so neat. Where did you find the small signs? Did you make them?

  4. Beautiful winter decor very cozy. I love the sheep you have added.

  5. Thank you so much Penny for linking up at Farmhouse Friday. When I saw your home with all of it's fabulous pink, I knew you'd be featured. Love all of your warm, cheerful and cozy decor. I'll be featuring you tomorrow. Cheers! pinned


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