Friday, December 28, 2018

Winter Farmhouse Mantel

Although I am already missing the twinkling lights and  Christmas the same time,   I am excited about starting the new year with a fresh less cluttered  look for our home.

Note that I said LESS clutter........not "NO" clutter!

My style of decorating involves quite a bit of!

I  drew up the plans for a farmhouse barn for the  Christmas mantel and H made my plans come to life.      I  will use the barn year round and am already excited about including it in my spring,   summer,   and fall  decor.

I replaced the Santa that was in front of the barn with a sweet child ready to play in the snow.

I packed up the rest of the Christmas decor on the mantel and put a couple of deer vignettes in their place

The lit flocked tree's on each side of the fireplace were packed away and replaced with some simple "naked" trees.

I like to have something under my tree's ,     so since the presents were all gone, I placed a  sleeping lamb under each of the tree's.

I also decorated the display cabinets that are on each side of the fireplace.

Continuing with my winter farmhouse theme on the display cabinets,    I used  pictures of  cows in a snow covered field.

Each vignette also had birds feeding on seed covered balls.

Christmas mantel....................................................Winter mantel

I really am missing  the lit garland I had on the Christmas fireplace.   

   I removed the lamp shades that I've had on the chandys for several years.     I am loving the cleaner look that the chandy's have now,    so that kind of makes up for the missing lit!

Almost all of the Christmas is packed away now,    all except the Nativity which I will leave up until the 6th of January.

Til next time........


  1. I also transition from Christmas to winter. You are always so inspiring! Happy New Year!

  2. You have such a gift for layering. Love seeing your creations.

  3. beautiful I always love visiting your blog and seeing what you have to share. It often inspires me to do a bit more

  4. Penny, I do love the Winter look with the metal trees and the flocked trees, just all of it. I feel like we have a big party at your house every day. We just have to bring more tea and goods.
    Keep having fun so we too can enjoy the party.

  5. So pretty! I was debating about decorating a winter mantle but ended up finding I had so much valentine's/ pink stuff that I went with that instead when I took down the Christmas décor.

  6. I love your barn! Where did you find those adorable metal barns on both sides of the large barn? I really love them too! Beautiful as usual!


    Tiffany @

  7. Those lambs look real. Very pretty winter decor. Love that you share your talent for decorating with us at Merry Monday. I always enjoy touring your home.

  8. Everything looks so pretty and ready for Winter!!

  9. Stunning as always. Cozy and bright winter mantel. Happy New Year, Kippi

  10. love the pictures sure is a winter home for me my favorite the cow pictures


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