Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Pioneer Woman Inspired Back Porch

The back porch was in need of some repairs and replacements this spring.....the windows on each side of the faux fireplace were old and falling apart....the curtains on the windows had been out year round for 3 years and needed to be replaced......the chandeliers needed to come down and get a fresh coat of paint  (I decided not to put them back up and gave them a new home)......the list goes on and on. 

  So while we were at it,   I decided to give the back porch a new look with bright colors and bold patterns.     What or better yet WHO was my inspiration?   Nobody does it better than the Pioneer Woman....

My Before pic was taken last year about this time of year. 

  In the spring.  it's always a little breezy here in Eastern New Mexico.   Look at how the wind is blowing the curtains, lol....they would have been headed east into Texas if I didn't have them tied to the window     
When we removed the chandelier,    it left enough room to put a big bird cage in the corner behind the settee.   

Now for a look at the After picture.....

We replaced the mismatched windows with smaller matching ones.......I also opted for simpler curtains that don't need to be tied down to keep them from blowing away! 
Several years ago I made the bird cage you see here and the one you will see on the other end of the porch by marrying different cages that I have collected over the years.   The marriage was a simple ceremony....if you look close you can see the black and white fabric that I used to tie them together.

Hanging to the side of the bird cage is a kitchen pot repurposed as a bird feeder.

I found a flag on Amazon that had the same bright colors that Pioneer Woman uses in her designs.   H framed my flag and screwed it to the porch frame....that should keep it in place when the wind blows..hehe....

I found a pack of Pioneer Woman fat quarters in stock at Walmart that I used to make my pillow covers and a small valance for each window......

Here's my other bird cage,  kitchen pot bird feeder,  and  more pillows.....the pack of fat quarters made about 6 pillows.     The ivy that grows on the fence hasn't come out yet,  but it will be so pretty in a few weeks.....just look at the photo below from last year  

I can't wait for all the "green" to show up on the fence in a few weeks.     It's still too early to put out live plants,   but you can see in the phot from last year how much prettier the porch will look when it warms up enough to put plants out.

This is where H sits to have his coffee in the morning and iced tea in the afternoon

And here is my chair.....

I added some Pioneer Woman fabric to a premade garland from Hobby Lobby.    The original garland was just burlap and black and white check ribbon....the brighter fabric added a lot more color to it.

I made some bunnies to put on the mantel using Pioneer Woman fabric....

The bunnies are multiplying!

And here's Charlie driving the Drummond Ranch pickup!    

The grass is getting green,  but still no sign of leaves on the tree's yet. 

   Come on Spring.....what's the delay!!!!



  1. I LOVE the Pioneer Woman. The dishes and everything of hers sells at Walmart. They are just fun, bright, happy colors and patterns, I think. Your porch is just plain fun! xo Diana

  2. Good morning, Oh, how cute your patio is. Love the picture over the fireplace. Yes, I am ready for the green of Spring. We are getting a light misty rain this morning in Northern Colorado. I love Charlie in the pickup picture.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm really pining for that massive birdcage...how much fun is this! You just know this is a fun place for lively conversation and family meals! So colorful! Sandi

  4. I love the bright changes. I can hardly wait for Spring. Everything will be beautiful in full bloom.

  5. Penny I love all the color on the porch it looks great. I like bright colors outside.

  6. Love all your updates to the porch Penny! I love the Pioneer Woman line. All the pottery, fabrics and accessories are so bright and cheery. I am hoping that April will bring some warmer weather here to my neck of the woods in Maryland. Have a great day!

  7. Penny,
    I love the brighter colors!! I am always amazed that you are able to keep all these things outside....Did I mention that it was 14 degrees here with snow showers on Monday???LOL!!

  8. Such a pretty place to relax. I do like the vintage truck art as well. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us on the linky party. #HomeMattersParty


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