Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Repurposed Small Wooden Step Ladders

I've had two old small wooden step ladders just taking up space in the garage FOREVER.     I always have plans to do something with this kind of stuff that I find at yard sales for a dollar or two......but sometimes it    just.   doesn't.   happen.

I drew a line in the sand the other day.....they either had to go to the auction or I needed to figure out a way to use them rather than just let them keep taking up room in the garage.

I thought repurposing them as side tables would be a perfect way to add some rustic Farmhouse charm to the sunroom.    They were the ideal height for a side table at the end of the sofa but needed shelves added so I could set stuff on them.    H had the shelves put on in the blink of an eye!

Now,  it was my job to finish up the repuposing project.....

I thought about painting my step ladders  white,   but decided I liked the natural weathered wood look they had.   So,  all I needed to do was figure out someway to kind of hide the new plywood shelving that H had just put in   I decided that place mats were the answer...easy....quick....and not permanent like paint.   I had 4 plaid place mats on hand that had the same colors as the couch ( and also had a fall look...he he.)  

Now,   to put some pretties on my shelves.   
 Late summer,   early fall fruit came to mind....apples in particular

I'm not quite ready to haul out the pumpkins yet but these pretty fall apples will look great until I am ready to replace them with pumpkins     I sat 3 wooden apples on a flower press on one of the shelves.....and filled a metal Sunflower can with a faux greenery plant for the shelf under it.    A U Pick Apples sign tucked into the greenery finished off the simple vignette

I wanted to add another "shelf" to my side table,   so I slid a metal tray under the last wooden shelf.

Then I filled my metal tray with wooden apples and a greenery plant with a Fresh Farm Apple sign.

The second step ladder found a home on the other end of the sofa.....and I decorated it very similar to the other one.

I decorated each step ladder side table a little different but carried on with the same theme....

We've been getting some much needed rain here in Eastern New Mexico.....the rain has cooled the temps down to the low 90's....and that along with the rain has really put me in a fall mood!



  1. It sounds strange, but I keep one next to the door where we enter the house. So handy to set something down on it while I get the door open!

  2. What an adorable addition to the sunroom!

  3. Great way to repurpose a step stool ladder. I need to look around my house for mine.

  4. I like how you re-used and styled the little stepladder as a side table. The apple theme is just right for the coming of fall.


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