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Monday, August 6, 2012

Penny's Vintage Home..... Wedding

This post is about getting ready for a home wedding!  Our daughter got married
a couple of years ago and we had her wedding in our backyard.  Her wedding was August 27th, so  the yard was in full bloom.  We had it right a dusk so it wasn't too hot and the candle light was just beautiful!

We had the guest book set up right as you entered the seating area. 

All the floral designs were done by me.  This one was on the cake table. 

We were only expecting about 75 guests, so I didn't have to rent any chairs.  I used chairs and benches from all over the yard.

We had little intimate seating area's in the yard. 

Another seating area.

This is the floral design that we had on the buffet table.  Since it was a garden wedding we had brisket and all the trimmings.  Howard cooked 8 briskets!!  Oh, did I mention we prepared all the food too! 

We got out the silver.

Took the potpourri  out of the beverage dispenser and filled it with punch.

Melissa wanted a vintage wedding dress, so we hit all the antiques shops.  Here are some  on the couch!

Here are some in the bedroom!

Boots, flip flops, what will she wear???

So many dresses, so little time! 

This one was beautiful!  Love the buttons and the lace!

But so is this one!!

It's almost time for the wedding!!

My mother gave me lots of vintage jewelry so Melissa had plenty to choose from.  This is a display that I have in my closet.

Every bride needs quilts for her........

Hope chest!

What can you do when you have a surplus of vintage wedding dresses???  Cover your dining room chairs with them , of course!!!!  Please visit these parties:


  1. Wow, wow, and once again, wow! Parents of the bride and you cooked, made brisket, decorated, arranged florals, arranged seating for 75, took photos.........amazing. I am sure it was a beautiful wedding. xo

  2. OH my God!!!!Penny...everything is wonderful: floral decorations, vintage wedding dresses,seating areas so romantic. Your style makes all a dream like this so beautiful wedding. And cover your dining room whit wedding dresses....i' ve never seen a so shabby and romantic idea!

  3. Penny, You do love to decorate :):) It all looks so beautiful. So romantic. Smiles to you, Susie

  4. Your house must have been perfect for a wedding--how beautiful! What dress did she end up picking?

  5. Penny,
    WOW!! So much eye candy in this post but the trunk is what really caught my eye! Did you embellish that yourself?? It is stunning!
    My Mom's birthday was August 27th! She would have been 93 y/o!


  6. wow!! amazing!!
    This is really a very stunning pics.. thanks for the share.

    Barn Weddings

  7. Visiting you from WOW linky party, sugar. Nice to meet you. I really like the idea of using old wedding dresses to dress up your chairs.

  8. Hi Penny,
    Your florals are all just beautiful and love the colors,
    so perfect for a vintage wedding or vintage anything really.
    All your seating arrangements are lovely. Outdoor garden
    weddings are so pretty. Hope you show a some pictures of the bride in her gown.
    blessings, Nellie

  9. Hi Penny, Nice to meet you! What a fabulous idea for a vintage outdoor wedding! Love the wedding dresses on the chairs too! I would love to own just one vintage dress. lol


  10. Hello Penny!
    I'm smiling ear to ear right now and just 'lushing' in those gorgeous laces and dresses!!! WOW!! Now a wedding that you help with is going to be AWESOME! Oh how I'd love to come over and see all your lovelies!
    Thanks so much for joining me for my party!

  11. How fun! You must have had an absolute blast. I love all the different chairs you found for the guests. It's a sweet look!

  12. Wow everything looked so beautiful. It must of been a wonderful day.


  13. OMG! so many wonderful vintage stuff.

  14. Beautiful wedding, love the table, made me laugh,

  15. I love wedding dresses and a friend just gave me one , so now starting another collections

    I love the picture of all the dining room chairs covered in wedding dresses so delicious

  16. Your photos are so stunning. Beautiful Blog!!!!

  17. WOW! beautiful wedding and I like table arrangements....And amazing collection of wedding photography....great job keep it up.


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