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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Butter dishes on Display for Halloween!

I did a small vignette on the display cabinet that is in the formal dining area.

I love vintage dolls and have a small collection.  I found this one in Amarillo, Tx over the summer at a yard sale. When I picked her up, the lady came over and asked if I would like to have the doll.  Of course I said "yes!!!.  She said that no one had even looked at her all day and she wanted me to have her.

I think her face is beautiful, but most would consider her scary......

This display case houses some of my mothers butter dishes.  She had a large collection that she left me , probably over 40.  I have thought about selling some of them, but I am not ready to part with them yet. 

This gold tea set also belonged to my mother.

Oh no, she is playing with that glittered  mouse again!!!

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  1. Hi Penny, how nice that the lady just gave you the doll, I love her she has a pretty face indeed ;) love your collection of your moms butter dishes, I would not know how to part with the either,....


  2. Your butter dishes are just gorgeous!~ xo, Patti

  3. Penny, Your dish collection is so pretty. I love it. Being from your mother's it is more special. The doll story touched my heart...a child would not like the little face..but us older girls would. xo, Susie

  4. Penny,
    I too love the doll!!

    Your collection of Butter dishes is amazing and they are all so beautiful! You are so lucky to have inherited so many treasures!!

    Thanks so much for always coming by! Your comments mean a lot to me..


  5. Hi Penny,
    How nice the lady gave you the doll. I think she has a beautiful face and i'm glad she has a home now. My grandmother left me her only doll and her face was broken before she actually came to me. I hope to have her restored some day.
    Your butter dishes are gorgeous! What a wonderful collection your mother left you. I don't think I could part with them either. It's a beautiful cabinet too. I'm so happy you have joined me for tea today. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week.


  6. Your butter dishes are really pretty, and special because they came from your mother. What a unique item to collect!

  7. What a fun display! Oh, I do hope you get to enjoy your mother's collection for a long time. It's really beautiful!

  8. Your inherited collection of butter dishes is lovely.

  9. You are so fortunate to have the lovely butter dish collection and the gold teaset from your mother. It is pretty how they are displayed in your beautiful glass cabinet. The doll is cute with the haunting sign and glad you found it at an Amarillo sale. We went antiquing in Amarillo on 6th street while coming and going from where my son lived in Oregon at the time. He is now working in Lubbock for NBC as their Sports Anchor and his name is Chris Curtis!

    Thanks, Pam

  10. You have a beautiful butter dish collection. I think I have one similar in a box. No room in my china cabinets!

  11. A lovely display Penny. Thank you for linking up this week at Shabbilicious Friday.


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