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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Romancing the Reindeer

The theme for the fireplace this year is Romancing the Reindeer.  I wanted a deer head mounted above the mantle , but the ones that I liked were not in my Christmas budget!  Sooooo,  I asked H if he could  "remove" the head from one of the outdoor wire framed reindeer that we haven't used in a while.  (lights no longer worked on it, etc)

So he gently took the head off and brought it too me.  I covered the frame with burlap, added diamond eyes and a cute little pearl nose (vintage earring with no mate)  I know that only the bucks have big antlers, but she had her heart set on,  what can you do???

I gave her a pearl necklace or two,  a burlap bow,  and some tulle to tie her in with my Santa Loves the Ballet theme on the Christmas tree that's on the wall across from her.  You can kind of see in the photo how I hot glued the burlap on in pieces to the wire sections of the frame.

The mantle has been decorated in a wildlife theme....  The piano that sits near the fireplace  is also done in a wildlife theme.

I made some garland from a kit that I got at Laurie Anna's shop in Canton, Tx.

You may remember my little owls from the fall tree in the dining room.  They weren't ready to be put away, so here they are.

I made these bottle brush tree's last year, and you may remember the little pink tree on the left from a yard sale in the summer .50.    I bought 2 of them, the other one is on the opposite side of the deer head.  

These icicles are also from a yard sale this past summer,  I think I paid
$4 for all of them.  They look like they have been beaded...the picture doesn't do them justice,  they just sparkle and are so  pretty.

I have two tree's on each side of the fireplace.  The white one is an outside tree,   I love the simplicity of it, and the ornaments really sparkle.  The pink tree is decorated with Santa's and Roses. 

These are the two tree's on the other side of the fireplace.  The beautiful pink one was given to me by my daughter...someone had put it by the dumpster and she grabbed it!  That's my girl!!  I put some vintage aqua ornaments on it and a couple of glittery deer.

The other tree is a outdoor tree also (to balance the one on the other side) and I have put my collection of Mercury ornaments on it. 

And an assortment of silver ornaments....

This is a sweet little pair of reindeer that I made about 25 years ago.  I used to do craft shows and I sold a lot of these..but .bunnies were actually my biggest seller.

She has little ruffled pantaloons and black patent leather shoes...his shoes have got lost over the years. I need to find him some more!

He LOVES his pink sparkly hat, lol!

I just have a simple arrangement on the coffee table, an owl and some antlers that my sweet cousin bought me when we visited a few weeks ago.  I like to keep the coffee table simple so I can clear it quickly to put out refreshments when we have company.

I hope you enjoyed out Christmas fireplace and will visit again soon!!

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  1. Penny I love you for all your creativity! You have taken Vintage by the Horns, and have ridden that Bull all the way to Beautiful! Love your Blog!

  2. Wow! This is all just stunning, Penny! I am in love with all of the silver and creamy white. And the chain made from vintage sheet music is such a great idea! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Penny- Nobody can romance a reindeer like you! Beautiful work- xo Diana

  4. What a stunning display ! Everything is so pretty.

  5. Everything looks just gorgeous! Love the title of your post. :) Those icicles are amazing-- I have never seen anything like them. Now I want some!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse!

  7. Dear Penny, your creativity have no limits!!!And your romanticism too!!!EVERYTHING GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Absolutely Enchanting!

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Holy Moly!!

    Stunning beyond belief!!! I wish I have room to be able to put up a cluster of trees like you did on each side of the fireplace. Heck, I would just love to have room for a fireplace... The pink trees are drop dead gorgeous and I LOVE, LOVE the outdoor trees decorated with ornaments!! What an idea!!
    Well, I have enjoyed visiting here during my break from decorating the Kitchen but I have to go back and get it finished!!


  10. The layers are amazing. You are so talented with display. This is just gorgeous.

  11. Dang girl, you've got a gift for decorating!! I wish I had your talents at Christmas time--love this and your Romantic tree!

  12. The reindeer head is fabulous ! Love your decorating !

  13. How magical Penny! I love your deer!! Thanx for sharing at THT and hope your week is going well!:)

  14. Newest follower from the It's a Party hop, would love if you could come by and follow back?

  15. Penny, this is stunningly beautiful! You have really outdone yourself with this one! I am going to go back and look again...really slowly! LOL!

  16. Wow, Penny ... what a beautiful holiday mantel! I love allll of the elements you used ... your handcrafted garland is lovely and your reindeer is too cute (love how you added bling). So much to see ... fabulous!

  17. Love the reindeer so much. Made me smile really big.

  18. wow this is amazing! beautiful!
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  19. Wow! This is stunning! I keep going back to look at it and find something new each time!
    I hope the deer on my mantle does not see this post(I had to angle the computer away from her while typing this)She would be so jealous & demand I start romancing her! I don't think I have those amazing skills of yours in me!

  20. Very pretty - the garland is perfect and I am diggin' your white tree!
    Thanks for linking up to the Christmas mantel party - so happy you did!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  21. Wow! What an mantel you've put together. Love the idea of the burlap reindeer head in the center. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing at Christmas in July.

  22. Wow doesn't seem to capture the pink and pretty of that display, but the camera did a great job of capturing the sparkle. Thanks for linking up.

    How I love that divine sight of Romancing Reindeer. You're ready for Christmas!
    Great photos of Christmas decorating ideas you shared here. So glad to be able to see them captured in photos :)

  24. You are so extremely talented!!


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