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Monday, March 4, 2013

Ring, ring.....Hello!

Ring, ring....Hello!   We've come a long way, baby!  Now, you can pick what kind of ring that you want...anything from your favorite song to a barking dog!

You can't take pictures with this phone, but there is a picture on it...

Remember when black was the only color a phone came in?

This is one of the wall phones in our collection...since we had more than one, H painted this one white
Here she is before...

Someone modified this phone and it really works!  We don't have a land line anymore, but we actually used this phone when we did.
I have a vintage phone directory from my hometown of Clovis...and,  I may as well put it out there...It is the year I was born, yes 1949..Now how old does that make me? 

It was easy to remember your phone number..only 4 numbers.
This is some kind of phone repair thingy that I bought at a yard sale...sorry about the grass ...I jerked out a bird nest real quick where I could show you the inside!
H just finished painting this so I could use it for the is the before...

and here she is after.      Mr Bunny is waiting for a phone call... Ring, ring-----

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  1. Oh I love the shelf...and all the phones..I have an orange one from the 70s. I would love a phone book from my great is that!

  2. I love your vase and the wall phone brings back memories of visiting my Grandmothers' farm many years ago. Deb

  3. I love your phone collection. I can still remember living in the mountains when we had a crank phone. The phone lines were slow coming to our part of the country. Your little stand that you display them on turned out great and EVERYONE needs a pink phone!;>) xo Diana

  4. Great phone collection. I have been picking up old "working" phones when I see them, slowly changing to them in our home. Sounds like a Fire Station every time the phone rings. I adore the pink phone that you have, would love to find one like that. Your display looks great with your collection.

  5. Your white shelf is so sweet, Penny. It turned out great, and I love all the phones you have displayed. The wall phone in white fits in perfectly. I grew up in the same time period as you, so I do remember four digit phone numbers, as well as party lines. We had a neighbor who used to listen in on everyone's conversations and then gossip about what she heard. Oh, those were the days! LOL

  6. I love the pink phone. I sometimes yearn for the time when you inserted your finger and wound the numbers round. So comforting. I remember my first ever job was on a switchboard with a phone that did this and the wires connecting the extensions to outside lines. Wow! Them were the days!! Chel x

  7. Penny I love your collection of phones. So vintage and cute. I think I kinda love the pink one too. I remember having a pink princess phone with a dial on it. I use to love the way it would light up on the dial at night in my room. Memories!!!!!

  8. This is really giving away my age but I remember the party line and operator at the switchboard. ;-) Don't ask.
    the wall phone is my favorite.
    Have a good week

  9. I love your old phones, especially the pink one. How fun! I'm not giving up my land line....ever!

  10. "Good morning starshine," Rrruff rrrrruf, bzzzt bzzzt and ring ring! (Those were my phone rings. ha!)

    Love the shelves painted white. What a nice difference!

    Cute, one and all. Susan

  11. I love seeing your darling vintage phones and that shelf - I love it. You have some sweet little vignettes going on too. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. The shelf is great and the vintage phones wonderful.

  13. Beautiful shelf! Your old phones are so pretty! I am your new follower!

  14. Love your phone collection and the wonderful shelf corner you created is such a pretty spring inspriration. Always so fun to visit you.
    Happy Tuesday, Celestina Marie XO

  15. Your antique phones are fabulous. What a fun collection. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. What do I love? the pink telephone, the wall calendar, the old crank phone, the shelf . . .

    I do have an early telephone book of our town with the four numbers - I love to look at the ads in the back.

    The phones I use now - the princess kind - I guess are now vintage!

  17. This is so precious. I'm going to show this to my 11 yr old daughter. I've tried telling her about how I used to talk on these old phones & she just can't grasp it. Lol

  18. Penny,
    It is all so cute. You've done a great job decorating.

  19. Penny,
    Love that pink phone!! So cute. My parent's Kitchen was turquoise and they had a turquoise princess phone to match! I wish I had that phone now....
    Love the little shelf and all your Easter Bunnies on it!!

    I finished the LR so far with decorating for Easter and will start working on the DR....


  20. Those phones sure bring back memories! The black ones were darned heavy to hold up to your ear.

  21. I love the phones and spring display! I keep thinking I need to get my spring stuff out but well.....everything is looking pretty sad and I really would like to update but not sure what direction to go. This gives me some great ideas.

    Visiting you from The Gathering Spot Linky Party.
    Kerry from

  22. I LOVE the pink phone! The shelf is so lovely and the way you have everything displayed just works so well...really pretty.

  23. We had an old wall phone like that, but sold it. We still have a desk style black rotary phone and a candlestick phone though. I DO LOVE how the shelf turned out!! Look so much better in white.

  24. What a great collection. Your shelf is so pretty in white, the phone collection looks so nice on it.

  25. That is such a cute collection of phones and I love the shelf, too! I have a pink phone from the sixties. Phones certainly have changed in our lifetime! :-)

  26. That is too cool! I just found that exact shelf in someone's trash today. I rescued it and started to clean it but the feet spindles are missing, so I took it apart. I'm thinking of making signs with the shelves. The finials and the spindles I guess I could save for some other project. Sure wish I had the feet. It's a sweet shelf. Love all your phones. They sure bring back the memories.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  27. Great collection! I love the pink rotary telephone.

  28. This pink phone is such a cutie. But your whole collection is amazing!

  29. What fun finds and great redos! Your little phone are looks adorable! thank you for sharing at TTF.

  30. Wow, what a super neat collection of phones! Did you buy that pink one off of Etsy recently? I had one just like it on my favorites list and wanted it so badly...but, when I went back, it was gone! :) Thanks for sharing your neat display with us. This week's Homemaking Linkup is up and I would love to have you join, if you haven’t already.

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  31. Your collection is beautiful. I love old things :)Thanks so much for sharing at The Gathering Spot.

  32. Wow, you have quite a collection of phones - love the shelf! Looks gorgeous white. In our little town most of the home numbers you only need to remember the last 4 digits - all of the numbers begin 444 - _ _ _ _!
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  33. Love your vintage phones! I just mentioned them on your other post! lol
    Have a wonderful week.

  34. A wonderful piece of history, love your collection :)

    xo, Tanya

  35. How cool! I love the vintage directory. We just moved from a vintage home to a "new" home in the country. I had an old fashioned red phone that hung on the wall. It was hard to leave that behind. Thank you again for linking up to our hop!


  36. What a fun collection of phones Penny. I had an old red phone at my previous home in my bedroom. For the life of me I can't remember what I did with it. would love to have it. Yours all look so cute on your newly painted stand. When I was younger I worked at the State Prison as a switchboard operator for a while. It Really was a fun job. Only did it for a short time, then I moved up as a secretary. Missed putting that plug in the old fashioned switch board. That was in 1974. Hard to believe things have changed so much. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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