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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Witches and Roses

I was looking through my Halloween boxes this morning to get some decorating ideas.  ( I will bring out Halloween decor about the first of Oct.)
  I had some fresh pink roses in the thing led to another.... and I decided to take a few pictures of them with my favorite Halloween witch.  You never get too old to play with dolls...right?

These have been the pretties roses that I have bought in a long time...the smell is just wonderful!  

Have you noticed that some of the roses you buy now don't have a lot of smell....
Not like the ones you bring in from the garden.

I have this white pumpkin in the entry way fall decor right now.   I will add a black bow and use it again for Halloween.

Maybe I'll add a scary spider too!

I played with my witch and roses .....taking their picture in different areas of the kitchen...

what fun!

Doesn't she have the sweetest face!

Well...time for her to go back in the box for a few weeks.


  1. witches, pink pumpkins and roses!!
    Love them :)

  2. Hi Penny... your witch is just "bootiful"!... I love Halloween and like to decorate for it too... my witches will all come out soon... I had them out about this time last year, but Tessy decided it was fun to try to snatch them and the crows I had out and run!... I had them on my coffee table... they will have to "fly higher" this year!... can't wait to see your beautiful home all decked out for Halloweenl!... love the pumpkin!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Penny I totally love your witch!!She is adorable and your kitchen looks PERFECT girl!

  4. How cute is that! How could anyone be anything but happy in your kitchen. What a cheerful and fun room. You have really created a wonderful cozy home.

  5. Penny,
    It is 6 am here and I wanted to check my computer before the contractors come to start ripping my rugs out and I was pleasantly surprised to see some new posts from you! So I thought I would spend some time visiting with you to calm my nerves!! LOL!!

    I LOVE this sweet witch and all your thought on Halloween!! And you are so right, my friend, we are NEVER too old to play with dolls!!

    Have I told you how much I LOVE that chandy in your kitchen???? Beautiful!!


  6. This is the cutest ever. So much to look at and talk about eye candy...Ooh La La.

  7. Love the Witches Rose Leggings! Very Trendy. If you buy roses, you have to beg them to smell! Very unusual when they do! Happy Fall Penny!

  8. For a witch this one seems to have a sweet disposition.

  9. What a sweet witch! Love her whole outfit - especially the leggings! Love the mix of pinks that you mixed in to your fall décor - beautiful!

  10. Very very cute! I love your white pumpkin too!

  11. You have gone all out and I love how you add pink roses to your Fall decor. Seasonal touches with beautiful roses...perfect!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...


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