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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nutcracker Christmas Tree

My theme for our entryway this Christmas is "The Nutcracker".

This is the first wall on your left as you enter our home.   You can see the front door reflecting in the mirror.  I have a tulle wreath hanging in front of the mirror....looks like a tutu doesn't it!  There is also a tulle white tree and.....
a pink one too.   I made these trees a couple of years ago...wish I had made more while I was in the mood!
I have a Nutcracker themed vignette on the small table below the mirror....
An aqua Nutcracker...
and my Ballerina Barbie.
I have a skinny tree decorated with some Nutcracker ornaments...

beautiful hand painted rose ornaments....a rhinestone crown...
and lots of other....
assorted ornaments.
I hung a new chandelier in the entryway a couple of months ago.   I bought it at has pink prisms.   I added some shades to cover those bright light bulbs.  The shades were pretty plain, so I hot glued some pink prismed (is that a word) trim to the top and bottom of the shade.

There are three walls in the entry way....this is the second one on the left.  
Here is the link to that post if you would like a better look .....
Here is a little peek at the third wall in the entryway.   I have a large cabinet on that wall, and I am almost finished decorating  it.

I love Christmas.....don't you!


  1. Sooo exquisite Penny... soft and romantic... I just love all of your decorations, and that you use many of the things you already have... I promised myself I would not buy any more Christmas decor this year... But I don't have a single nutcracker... yours are so pretty... I may have to see if Michaels has one... I have a 50 percent off coupon... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. It's all so delightful, Penny. I love the little white trees. My little grand-daughter would think she was in paradise at your home. Have a fun (decorating) weekend. Deb

  3. Pink!!! So pretty! You must work like a busy worker bee in order to get all of this done! Where do you get all the energy?!!!

  4. Bonsoir,

    M E R VE I L L E U X ! Mes yeux s'écarquillent en admirant vos belles photos ! Prestigieuse décoration...
    Gros bisous

  5. I love all the pastel decorations and the nutcracker theme. So beautiful. take care, Darlene

  6. Hello Penny. Oh yes, I adore Christmas. Your decor is all so pretty. Love, love, love pink! Great job. Susan

  7. I cannot believe you are all ready for Christmas so soon!!! You put me to shame.

  8. Oh, how beautiful!!! I love nutcrackers. I had bought the aqua nutcracker just like yours a couple weeks ago, I fell in love with him the moment I seen him. Now I'm dyeing to go back and get the cupcake one. That's for the pictures they really inspire me.

  9. Amazingly beautiful decor and talented You are : ) enjoyed ! Denise

  10. Oh...your beautiful decors always catch my eyes...all very sweet and pretty

  11. I love the white and pink colors of your theme. This year I also chose a Nutcracker Sweets theme. Hobby Lobby had some awesome decorations this year didn't they?

  12. Your decor looks like it came right out of a romantic boutique...the kind that when you walk in you feel like you're in another time, another place.

    I have several beautiful pink ornaments also that would be right at home in your place :)

  13. What a magical display! I love the colour scheme!

  14. Wow - so gorgeous!! Thanks for linking up to Take it on Tuesday!
    ~Betsy @ Romance on a dime

  15. Such beautiful decor. I'm so glad you have such pretty vignettes to share with us. Lovely things...~Tammy

  16. This is so elegant and pretty! My little girl would love it if I did a wreath like this! Dee :)


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