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Monday, February 10, 2014

Decorating a Buffet with Crystal & Roses

The dining room buffet has been just sitting there empty since the Christmas décor was put away...for that matter,  the family room fireplace  mantle is still empty too!   To tell the truth,  since I retired,  I don't get in a big hurry to do!

So, here is my buffet....from empty to FULL!  I tend to over decorate!
 I put a pretty bow around Hartley's neck...Hartley is an English surname meaning "hart, male deer".  Next to him, is a tall crystal vase of roses for him to smell

(There's that pink phone on the desk that I forgot to show in my last post about the Duncan Phyfe desk!)
I thought I would do something different and show you the buffet left to right...instead of photo's just willy!

My mind is racing ahead to spring, so when I was looking for stuff for the buffet, these birds and nest caught my eye.   I have a vintage mirror behind the smallest bird bowl.  It is very heavy and used to be gold ( the only surprise is that I didn't paint it pink)
 I used lots of crystal pieces to decorate the buffet, most of them belonged to my mother, but anyone that knows me....knows that I bought a few pieces myself!

I displayed some tea cups in a crystal dish.   I really don't know the proper name for this type of dish but I call it a relish dish.   I have three of them that I use around the holidays to serve olives, pickles, that kind of thing.

Next to the relish dish is a picture frame.   I bought this frame quite a few years ago, it's pretty heavy...and it has a black velvet back that opens to allow you to put in different photo's.    I have a box of small cards that I change out....
Today I have a card that says "When you do what you can, God will do the rest"   

The other card says "Home, sweet, home......where each lives for the other, and all live for God"    It was hard to pick what cards I would use in my post, as all the cards in the box are wonderful words to live by.....there's probably 100 cards in the box.

As we move on down the buffet.....I can't believe I'm so organized today...left to right...Why didn't I think of showing you stuff this way before!

I have another crystal relish dish filled with tiny tea cups and a vintage necklace that belonged to my mother.
Next on the buffet....I had two crystal compotes just alike, so I stacked them.  I filled the bottom one with tea cups and the top one with several small plates and a tea cup on the top.
In this vignette,  I put a pretty china plate in each of the crystal bowls (crystal bowl as an "easel" ,    put a sweet rose teapot on a pedestal,   and finished off the vignette with a simple rose photo on an easel.
At the end of the buffet is my "new" desk  (a repurposed Duncan Phyfe table).  There is a separate post on the desk

See you soon!


  1. Hi Penny,
    You have such beautiful teacups featured today! I love the pale pinks and light blues! So pretty! Happy Valentine's Day! Karen

  2. Very, very pretty, Penny. Those teacups are gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful week. xo Diana

  3. A beautiful tea time display! Lovely ruffles on that buffet. I went through a mall but so no coo-cu clocks. I am on the look after your great ideas!

  4. Hi Penny: Love that beautiful display. Your tea pot is so pretty. Your home always a pleasure to visit. Sending hugs, Martha

  5. Hello Penny, Your entire post speaks of romance! The tea cups on the pearls is just gorgeous! Everything really puts you in a mood.

  6. Penny, the dishes in the little crystal bowls is the cutest idea. I have some of those..I got so brave a couple of days ago that I dug out my red crystal cake stand and put my new teapot right up on top..and added a few little hearts with it. I am getting SO brave..not enough to post them yet though! No,no, not yet. :) Your style is known and loved..mine is not even known by myself! I had to laugh at your not hurrying about anything since you retired. I remember that feeling and still have it. It's neat, isn't it?

  7. Your buffet is so beautifully decorated for Valentine's Day. I'm glad you enjoy your home and decorating it so much. The pink and blue are some of my favorite colors, too. Have a great 14th!


  8. j'adore , on en prends plein les yeux
    j'aime beaucoup la plaque représentant une rose ♥♥♥
    et j'adore le rose
    edith (iris) France

  9. Oh Penny, what sweet and charming decor! I love your floral dishes and oh my, love those roses!

  10. Crystal and roses -- perfect for Valentine's Day. Pretty in pink! Happy Tea Day

  11. Just a beautiful display, starts the morning off wonderful, seeing your lovely home.

  12. Beautiful Penny, as usual. Just love to visit your blog.



  13. Penny, what fabulous pretties you have! I like Hartley as well with his bow! :D
    Beth P

  14. Pretty display, I love the teapot, and especially love Hartley

  15. are unique! Your romantic decors look like a dream.

  16. Love the post today!! I think I could sit there for at least a full day to take in all the prettiness! Thanks for sharing!

  17. So pretty Penny! You have so many tea pots and tea those dainty little roses!

  18. The tea cups look lovely in the relish dishes. And Harley seems to be preening in his new finery. Hope he doesn't munch on the roses! Happy Valentine's Day!

  19. SO Romantic! Nice photos. Happy Valentine's Day :)

  20. Such a romantic setting for Valentine's Day...and you cannot see too many roses ever! Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

  21. Penny, you have such a beautiful collection of items with roses. Love it all, Miss Organized. lol! thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Penny,
    Everything looks so pretty and very romantic and spring like. We got hit with a Nor'Easter yesterday as they are called. It went from 2-5 inches for our area initially predicted to a foot of snow.....It tapered off during the afternoon but in the evening, right when I had to drive to work, it came back around and hit us with a vengance.
    When I get home in the morning, I will know exactly how much we got but it is a lot on top of a lot!!

  23. I love all the unique pieces you find to put together, beautiful! ~Kelly @ Eyes On The Source


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