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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yard Sale Treasures

The weather is just gorgeous here in Eastern New Mexico this week end, so we have been working in the back yard on our green house ...I am so pleased with the progress
  I was excited to see a few yard sales listed in the newspaper today....yea!  We took a little break this morning to go to two of them.    I found these three moss covered reindeer to use in my Christmas vignettes....$1 each.

This beautiful wedding hat was $3....
I am happy to add it to my collection of vintage wedding stuff....

Three nice pieces of greenery for $2...

A pair of vintage lamp bases....I will make candle holders from these....$3 for two...

and last...a vintage hat for $2.   I think I might make a bird nest in it for spring!

Well, back to work on the green house....
Til next time!


  1. So fun.....esp.with hopes of Spring

  2. What a gorgeous wedding hat, Penny. Love it. Love the vintage one, too. xo Diana

  3. It's gorgeous here too and we did the same thing. For the first time, we didn't find one single thing. We went to only two.
    One had things priced very, very high and the other had nothing but baby clothing..very disappointing. YOU did great!
    Both hats are adorable..and I love the reindeer. I can't wait to see what you do with them for Christmas. Last week I found two prelit Christmas tree's...and lots of other stuff.. GREAT finds, Penny!

  4. How many beautiful finds! The wedding hat is marvellous and very romantic

  5. New fan!

  6. Wow you have great yard sales...enjoy your posts.... T from northern NM

  7. Penny,
    I did have to chuckle when I saw yard sale!! The only yard sales around here would be held on mountains of snow!! It is snowing lightly again and 3 more inches are predicted on Monday!!
    LOVE those deer!! So pretty and the hat is gorgeous!!


  8. Oh, loving the vintage finds Penny. I have several vintage hats. Really have to dig them out and do something with them. Wouldn't it be lovely if the style came back and we could all wear vintage hats again? Let's bring them back. :)

  9. OMGOSH,Penny! It looks like a whole new blog with the larger print/font. It is SOOO much easier to read. You did good, girl-VERY VERY good! Love it! xo Diana

  10. Wonderful wedding hat. Great finds indeed Penny. Nana Diana is right, such a clear and easy to read post. Love it.

  11. Hi Penny!!!

    Great finds!!!!

    I love them all and would have bought the wedding hat for sure!!! The hat you're going to make the birds nest in is awesome!!! I collect anything to do with a woman's apparel and the hat is something I would have been over the moon about!!! Then I would have paired it with a purse and gloves, with a compact and lipstick in the purse. When I put it all together, they then go up on the wall.

    Have a great week!!!


  12. Pretty - looking forward to the season of garage sales starting again.......God provides so many really nice things at great prices - the challenge becomes to not buy too much! :) Thank you for the post. Gentle Joy

  13. Can't believe you got the reindeer for ONE dollar!! I have 2 very similiar and they were expensive! GREAT finds!!!!!!

  14. I like the vintage wedding hat and the reindeer are a fabulous find.

  15. I adore those reindeer!

  16. those are simply adorable... all of them from yard sales?!!

  17. Beautiful hats!! Thanks for coming over and sharing at the Happiness is Homemade link party. Hope to see you back on Saturday!

  18. Those finds are Great! I especially love the hat, it is very similar to my own from 1981 :) I just posted my favorite find here:

  19. Penny those hats are beautiful. I can't believe the price you paid, what a great find. I can't wait for yard sale season around here. I love baskets and buy them by the trunk load, lol. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds with us at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

  20. Whoa! You did very well -- love the reindeer and the hats are gorgeous. I went to an estate sale down the street this morning and came back with . . . . half a roll of insulation. lol Your finds are a whole lot more fun!


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