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Monday, March 31, 2014

$20 Mini Guest Bedroom Redo

I was at an estate sale 2 weeks ago and over in the corner were two big boxes with  satin & lace sticking out......kind of a blushy beige and cream color.   I went over to look at them and discovered there was a king comforter, bedskirt, two king shams,  and two pair of curtains with matching valance, and two large pieces of lace.  I couldn't find a price on them, so I went and asked one of the ladies in charge of the sale how much they were.

She said "You know,  I've been meaning to mark those.  Let's go take a look and see whats in the boxes" 
After looking thru the boxes,  she said "No one else has even asked about these boxes....would $20 be okay?'   Of course I said yes!   This is the same estate sale that I got the 2 table runners and 13 placemats for $5.   Here's the link to that post.....
I hung the valance and put a single curtain on each sewing machine bed table,  then I just kind of piled the rest of the curtains and tie backs in the chair by the bed.   I'll do something with them later....don't know what yet!

The two sets of curtains & valances were for  smaller windows  than we have in our guest room,  so I hung all eight valance pieces on on our only window.   
I looked all thru my photos and couldn't find a picture of the spread that I took off the bed!   An of course,  I forgot to take one before I packed it away!
I did find a photo of the chenille spread that I had on there last Easter.   Beautiful  peacock spread that I got at the auction.   Where do I store all these extra spreads?    Under the bed!
I don't think that I have shown you this vintage sewing machine that has been made into a lamp.   I got it at the auction last summer for about $20 as I remember.   Isn't the shade on it different?    I'm not sure if I like it or!
I have family photos over the sewing machine/bed tables.     This is a picture of my grand mother when she was a baby, isn't she cute with her hair parted down the middle?   And that's her older brother standing next to her.   My grandmother passed away along time ago...this photo will soon be 100 years old.

Over the other bed table,    is a photo of my mother and her second husband  ( my dad passed away when he was 44 from colon cancer)  anyway....Donnie was like a dad to me for over 25 years.   They had this picture taken in Branson Mo at one of those places that dress you up in vintage clothing...Donnie looks kinda mean,  not a mean bone in his!   And my mother looks so cute,  I can't believe she let them put that hat on her!  She never let anyone touch her hair....slept in a hair net, and got up every morning with nary a hair out of place!    Mother has been gone almost 6 years and Donnie 9 years.
I love the new look of the guest room.....very neutral and calming....


  1. You are able to find always great and romantic items. Just gorgeous! The sewing machine made into lamp is amazing and i like very much the old pictures

  2. Awww....Love the family photos and the lil stories w/them! The comforter and all you got w/it is quite a find! good for you! And as for the lil lamp in the sewing machine....I Love it! Ya kinda don't really see that its part of the sewing machine....and do. Its quaint like the piece its in. Keep it! ;) thanks for sharing!

  3. very nice find Penny! I should start going to estate sales . . . I love your old family photos, so precious, esp. the one of your grandmother.

  4. I don't think I know another person that finds things like you do, Penny! You have the best luck. Your guest room looks very nice.feminine and lovely. Those old pictures are wonderful, Penny. Real treasures to have. Love the one of your Mom and Stepdad and how special to have one of your grandmother and her brother.
    Have a great night- xo Diana

  5. You DO find the bestest things! I must get back to the garages sales..I've missed going. I hope I will be well enough to go this weekend!
    So...when can I come stay in your guest room?? Hmmmm?? :):)

  6. Penny,
    What a great buy!! Everything looks beautiful!! I adore that sewing machine lamp!! And the pic of your mother..... My Mom never wore hats either because they would " mess her hair"!! LOL!!



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