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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Saturday at the Auction

We spent all day Saturday at one of the best auctions I have ever been to.    It was held in Friona, Texas,  a little town about 30 miles from here....only about  4000  people.  The estate they were selling belonged to a little lady that had just moved to a retirement home in Amarillo, Texas.   She had excellent taste and everything was of the best quality.
I was able to bring this gorgeous FF teapot home with me.....
I bought a couple of  "lots" of Christmas totes..   If you have never been to an auction,  they sell things in "lots" sometimes.
Entry 76 was a "lot" of 8 totes of Christmas  and  entry 102 was 5 totes of Christmas.    It was just like Christmas going thru all of those totes!   I found lots of treasures to keep and we loaded the Yukon full and took the rest to the Light House to share our blessing.....
I fell in love with these wise men.....I hope that I can find a Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus to go with them......

Here is another Santa teapot  and pretty figurine that I think will look good displayed together at Christmas.
I found this Easter basket in one of the totes marked Christmas....
I don't have any other Jim Shore pieces so I was happy to find this one in my totes.
There was also a Jim Shore nativity set.....
There was only one wise man,  so I hope I will be able to find the other two to complete the set.
I won't be able to show you the rest of what I found in all those totes because we boxed everything else up til Christmas.......


  1. What beautiful, beautiful finds, Penny! And the prices are ..amazing! How I long for auctions of that nature..but nothing in our area. Our tiny home is about at it's max anyway..but I love to look at your things. Will these be staying home with you or off to your booth? I DO love F&F. I try to add one little thing each Christmas...but...I would need extra space like you have. YOU did good!! (trying hard not to covet your pretties here! :)

  2. Oh the lady did have excellant taste. Your finds are just awesome. I love the teapot!

  3. Oh my word...I collect nativities and I sighed when I saw that beautiful Jim Shore one. That alone would have made my day!

  4. Many fun items and a great haul!

  5. Wow! I wish I could come across an auction like that! I love your nativity, it's so beautiful. I have pieces by Jim Shore and treasure each one.

  6. Great find with the Jim Shore items! They do not come cheap!!

  7. Beautiful Christmas items , Penny!!

    Love all of it especially the tea pots!!


  8. Hi Penny!!! It's a great pleasure to see again your beautiful many great finds for Christmas! The tea pots are gorgeous

  9. Great finds -- I do love Fitz and Floyd, that Santa is beautiful!

  10. Interesting items... glad for you. :)

  11. Hola Penny... tu enamoraste de los hombres sabios y a mi me has enamorado con todo lo que nos enseñas!
    Yo nunca he asistido a una subasta y por lo que cuentas tiene que ser interesante.
    La tetera es divina!!!

  12. I have never been to an auction. Looks like you had a very nice day. Great finds.

  13. I love your Christmas items and the Easter one thrown in for good measure, what a bonus. What a a great auction for you.


  14. What a score! Great Christmas and Easter items.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  15. What beautiful treasures you found. I love nativities and the Jim Shore one is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  16. Some really great finds Penny! I love the teapot! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. You got some major steals! Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

  18. these are amazing! Wonderful finds! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  19. What beautiful Christmas finds! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Christmas is Great finds...thank you for sharing them at Revisionary Life!

  21. Oh wow did you hit the other lode....great finds!!


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