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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Tablescape

I have the Thanksgiving dishes unpacked, washed,  and ready for the big day!     Our daughter is a flight nurse and she will be working Thanksgiving day,  so we are having our main dinner on Wednesday.
The family that is off on Thanksgiving day  will be stopping by to enjoy left overs with us.....
I have a very simple centerpiece on the table.....easy to quickly remove......we need plenty of room for all the food!
I am using some pretty Thanksgiving plates that I bought at the auction .    No one wants Thanksgiving plates in April,  so I got a big box of them for $1.

This is our Thanksgiving table from last year.     I already had Christmas trees up in the dining room.    I do have a place cleared off for one,  but don't have it up yet.
This is last years buffet......
And here is our buffet for 2014....
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!\


  1. Penny,
    I so love those Pilgrims of yours!!
    I am off Wed. night but working on Thursday night so we will have our dinner with the kids coming over around 2pm so I can sleep a bit before going to work.
    Have a great Holiday week with your wonderful family!!


  2. Your decorations are always such gorgeous, Penny!

  3. Hermosa decoración, a disfrutar de la cena.

  4. It is all so pretty, A lot of work Happy holiday to you and yours

  5. Love those dishes Penny, and what a bargain! I can never have a large centerpiece either. Food is the star of the show! lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. I love those dishes and that is my kind of bargain! Lovely tables!

  7. Oh Penny your dining room looks gorgeous and your table is beautiful. Love those dishes and tall Pilgrims! I just got on sale a lovely long brunch with two bird nests which I decorated some more, so it doesn't take up much space from the table for food and all. I'm ALL decked out, lol. Enjoy your weekend.


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