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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sideboard Decorated for Christmas

I finished decorating the formal dining room sideboard today.   Some people call it a buffet.....some a sideboard.   Since I am not going to serve food on it,  I am going to call it a sideboard.

I chose to decorate the sideboard with white, pink, green, and even some pops of red......yes,  I said red!   

I  don't normally use much red and green in my decorating.   I'm kind of a pastel girl.....
But this year I decided to see if I could "marry" some colors that aren't usually used together.

So far,  I'm pleased with the look,   But.....I guess we'll see how I feel when the whole room is done.   This is a large room with a dining table at one end and a sofa and chairs at the other end.

I don't think that I ever used strings of lights on the sideboard before.    I remember will I ever cover those ugly cords?     Well,  I strung my lights and didn't worry about the cords showing.
I put them on the sideboard,  on the bottom of the large white frame that hangs on the deer heads,  and I also  put them on the white wreaths around the deer's necks.

I have a herd of vintage plastic deer prancing across the white picture frame

I also have some running thru the flowers

I have a Spode cheese platter,  a red Cherry and Cable cookie/cracker jar, and some floral plates on the buffet.

The newest additions to my Christmas dinnerware are some pieces of  Cuthberson.    These dishes are made in England  and blend very well with my Spode dishes.

I bought several pieces at the auction this past summer and will use them in my Christmas tablescape. ...which I will show you!  

This is a Cherry and Cable butter dish that belonged to my mother and in the background you can see the matching water pitcher.

Harley has been hanging over the buffet for a couple of years now......

Last year he was all alone.....

He looks much happier now that he has someone to talk to!


  1. Oh, Penny, I'm just becoming speechless when I come over for a visit! This is so lovely and enchanting! You are probably the only person on the planet to vintage pretty a deer head! :) Love those little prancing deer too. Oh, one of these days you're going to have to show us where you keep all of your pretties.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. The deer heads with "hats" are the best, they make me smile. Thank you! Oh, the dish collection is fabulous.

  3. Everything looks fairy as usual. I fell in love with the dish collection!

  4. I saw my bisquit jar and covered butter dish!! TALK about pleased! Did you put the ME tea pot out yet?? My gosh, but it's fun to visit you! SO many pretties...I love it!!

  5. I'm in love with your chandelier. It peeks out in several different pictures, and it is stunningly gorgeous! Is it any wonder I also love chandelier earrings!?! I also use the little white lights everywhere, but I have mine on the year round. Love your posts!

  6. Penny!!

    LOVE all the lights on the sideboard and those Prancing Deer as so precious!! You know i am not big on the deer heads because I am very anti hunting which deer hunting is a BIG thing in our area but i will say that they look sweet!!
    And you know how much I love those outdoor white lit trees in the house!!! I went to Kohl's today and bought one of those new LED lit branch trees. I LOVE it! Hope to do a post on it soon. they come in white,gold and red. I bought a white one but now I think I want 2 gold ones too!! you would find a thousand uses for the white ones.....LOL! It is a sickness with the 2 of us, is it not???? LOL!!


  7. I like the pops of red! I always do red at Christmas...guess I'm a bit of a traditionalist in that sense. The lights look great and make everything sparkle. I don't even see the cords. Love those running deer! Thank you for sharing this and your new coffee filter wreath and pretty Christmas tablescape at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a merry Christmas season!

    Blessings, Deborah

  8. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Merry Christmas! Jo

  9. I love Christmas dishes and serving pieces. It feels so special. Maybe it represents all the Christmases from the past and continuing into the future. Thanks for sharing your decorations. Your house really is beautiful.


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