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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Be My Valentine

One of my favorite Valentine decorations are these sweet Dreamsicle babies.     I have been collecting them for years and usually find them at yard sales for less than $1.

Last year I put my display of babies in the bedroom.      I try to change things up every makes them seem new to me.   So,  this year I have them in the hallway.

I have my collection of milk glass in these cabinets year round and I just add seasonal items to the existing vignettes.
Here is how the cabinets looked a few weeks ago decorated for Christmas.

Now the cabinets are all decked out for Valentines Day.

I have repurposed a small crib blanket and it is now a tablecloth for the table on the left side of the hall way....

I bought a "crib in a bag"  at a yard sale for a few dollars that contained this blanket,  a pillow,  and a bumper pad.     I don't know what I will use the bumper pad for,  but Kyleigh uses this blanket for her baby dolls.   ( I borrowed it for my Valentine vignette....shhh  don't tell her!)

The cabinet at the end of the hallway contains the few pieces of pink milk glass that I have.   I filled the bowls with pink heart shaped ornies.

And put a sweet Dreamsicle couple on one of the glass shelves.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Your Dreamsicles look adorable with the milk glass! I received one as a gift from my co-workers in the early 1990's when I left a position at our local library. Mine sits on a shelf in my bathroom. I had to scurry down the hall to see if mine had a heart! No, my angel is clutching an oversized goose! Back then I had a concrete goose by my front door that I dressed in handmade clothing. Do you remember that fad? Thanks for bringing back those memories to me.

  2. Mrs. Penny i just love everything in these beautiful picture here and i could just sit here all day if i had the time, but i do have a couple of the Dreamsicles babies, and i do love them! but the way you have decorating with them gave me some wonderful i deals and Thanks a lot for that, your home is so wonderful and beautiful to see how you decorate and keep your beautiful ideals a coming.

  3. My daughter started me on my Dreamsicles! I haven't had them unpacked in two years! I love them! Yours look right at home among your whites! Love the dreamy look they give to your treasures. They all have such sweet faces. I will have to unpack them and set a table using them! Thanks for the idea! Love your blog! You are one in a million!
    Blessings My Friend,

  4. beautiful I love the soft pink and white
    come see us at

  5. Well, for heaven's sakes! I have never seen little Valentine characters like that before. How interesting! So cute.
    My decorating is done. I didn't buy one single new thing and I'm getting the itch to shop and add to my collection.
    Looking good, Penny! :)

  6. Ohh...your Valentine characters are so lovely and sweet! I like them very much and i love how you decorated for S.Valentine's Day.

  7. You are my Milk Glass Collector Hero. Holy Cow! I Love Love Love you milk Glass collection. I have a small collection in comparison. But Wow. I have maybe 25 pieces. My favorite is Fenton Hobnail. I always loved my grandmas collection. After I got married I started collecting a few big pieces like tidbit trays and pitcher. stuff like that. When she passed I got all her milk glass. Now when ever I feel the need to go antique shopping I look for new pieces to add to my collection and Keys I know those don't go together but that is what I look for. anyway I just love your milk glass collection and I plan to pin some on my Pinterest Milk glass page. I got a new piece last night. My husband was out of town in Virginia and they small town he was in out side of an Army base had antique shops. He picked me up some milk glass. Isn't he the sweeties thing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So many cute little trinkets! You have a great way of displaying them all! Thanks for linking up at OMHG WW!

  9. Oh my goodness. I am in love with your house! When can I move in? tee hee Just Kidding! But seriously you do have a beautiful home thank you for another "tour" of it and Thank you for linking up to the Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday Linky Party!

    Wishing you a fabulous week!

    Co-Host OMHGWW

  10. Penny,
    I can't believe that I forgot to comment on this post as I did see it before.......
    I think that you have the prettiest hall way I have ever seen, my friend!! Your collection of Dreamsicles are darling! And I have always adore your collection of milk glass.....My dear neighbor Elly had a collection of milk glass that I always admired.
    Love the hearts in the bowl!! Great idea!!



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