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Monday, June 1, 2015

Tropical Paradise Staycation

I have been daydreaming about going to a tropical island for a vacation,  but since that isn't going to happen.........I thought I would make our deck into a tropical paradise.

I decorated the mantle in a beachy theme.....

I have a big shell filled with sand and small shells.    The big shell was 66% off at HL and you can buy a 50# bag of play sand at Lowes for about $4.

I found my lit palm trees at KMart....50% off

My cushions came from At Home...25% off

Look really close at the blue thing on the left upper side of the photo

It's H's vintage shark he bought at the auction last one wanted him and H got him for $5.    I looked him up on the internet and saw one like him for $499.00!   H  has a great eye for good stuff!

I filled my birdcage with sand and sea shells....

The palm trees are planted in vintage metal wash tubs....

I've moved these chairs all over the deck.....Do I like them best here.....

or here...                                                                     which chairs do you like on either side of the fireplace

I bought cushions for the daybed when I got the ones for the chairs.

On the north side of the deck is a small garden with a water feature

Our water feature is full of toads....can you see the one on the ledge?   The sound from the water is so relaxing when we sit on the deck.

I have had so much fun creating a tropical paradise in our back yard.....

We can enjoy our staycation all summer long!


  1. Every thing is so wonderful, but I am crazzzzy about your shark!!

  2. It's a Beautiful space that I am quite sure you will enjoy for months to come! Blessings, Cindy

  3. Hi Penny
    Oh my your tropical paradise is just beautiful~~~ I love the chairs and they both look so good on the side of the fireplace, I dont' know how you will decide. Love the mantel, the water feather. I love it all. Enjoy your new paradise space!!!

  4. Your little blue shark looks kind of like a dolphin to me. So cute. It might have come of a small merry go round. Those little traveling Fair's often have rides for little ones that just go round and round. I think that sort of thing is always collectable. I love the colors of your cushions..and great prices always interest me. Are those real froggies in your fountain? I want my son in law to build me one much like that in our back yard..but..I think I have a long wait. :)
    You..are so inventive. My brain explodes when I think of storing all those pretties. I would forget where I put stuff. How do you organize...Penny's you could give lessons on just how to organize. My shed is a MESS..I have those plastic bins..I have shelves.. and it's stuffed to the door and I have nothing like what you have. You, my friend, are amazing! :) (not to mention talented!!!) Actually, I have two sheds. Don't other people's homes seem...I don't know, sort of "dull" when you visit? friends homes are pretty darned boring to me...shhhhh don't tell anyone I said anything so unkind. Okay? :)

  5. Oh my the details you come up with just amaze me, you have such a great eye for detail, what a wonderful relaxing area you have set up for yourselves. I love the water feature and that is so neat you have frogs in there. Since we have had so much rain around here in the evenings you can hear them in the distance. I do love the ornamental chairs you have, but the other style reminds me of what we had when I was growing up, just don't seem them much anymore.

  6. I LOVE that shark! What a buy/steal/find that was!!!! Love that you have made your own tropical paradise right there. xo Diana

  7. Great idea! Love to surround ourselves with such good things!

  8. Now, the shark looks more like a seal to me! But adorable, regardless of his species. I love your deck transformation!

  9. What a fun project - now your tropical get away can last and last!

  10. You amaze me again!!! Your tropical paradise is divine.Your beach theme is fantastic like every single decor. You are unique!

  11. I love your pretty deck. First time visitor. Nice to visit your lovely blog.

  12. Oh Penny, you are so clever! I absolutely love how you have added tropical accents to your outdoor sitting area. Everything looks delightful! Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  13. Can I come vacation on your deck? It's beautiful!

  14. Penny!!

    So cute!! Love it!! I was thinking of doing a beach theme for my White Tree in the Living Room when I take down the Patriotic decorations but it all depends on if I will have the time to make some ornaments for it.....

    Love your "Tropical Oasis".


  15. A "Staycation" is a fabulous idea. You've created a beautiful oasis to play, read, or just be.

  16. I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing it with us. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you tomorrow night at 7 pm. We can't wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls

  17. Wow! So many simple additions for such a big effect! Thanks for sharing at the Talented Tuesday party!


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