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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Catch all Corner in the Backyard

Do you have a corner in the back yard that has become a "catch all" .   I think everyone does...don't you?   Well,  our "corner" had become an eyesore in the back yard that could no longer be ignored.

This corner is about an  8 x 8 area that is shaded by a large oak tree grass will grow there.   I am excited to see if I can make this eyesore into an area that will no loner be a catch all,  but be a serene part of the back yard.    I had quite a few bird cages stacked in the corner....a set of wooden gate panels that we took down from a rent house that we have,   a tall ladder,  a scaffold ladder,   some black sacks of outdoor faux flowers....the list goes on and on so I think I have enough material to complete the project..

  I plan to use materials that I have on hand as much as I can to create my little "room" in the corner of the yard.    H started the project by making a short wall with two windows that he put on top of the blue scaffold.    The bottom part of the wall is made from some old window screens .

Blue scaffold in a junk pile on the left.....................scaffold/window wall on the right

I took one of the birdcages,  turned it upside down,  and tied it to the front of my bicycle with some pretty white lace.
Birdcage Bicycle Basket Bird Nest....say that fast three times!  .

I used some saucers to make a border......


We hung one of the bird cages on the "wall"....and some are hung from the taller tree branches.......which you will see in a future update of our project.
H is busy constructing the second part of the wall for our room.    On the left side of the photo above,  there is a  sneak peek of what that he is doing to lengthen  the wall of our room.
See you soon to show you the progress!


  1. Penny!! This is so pretty! I can't get over your creativity, I never would have thought to make a bird cage basket, and the saucer border really adds to the carm. Can't wait to see more, now to get our clutter corner re-done!

  2. What a change in scenery! You did an awesome job of converting this to a very pleasant spot! Great job!


  3. You did such a beautiful and creative job....I´m so in love with this look <3.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Hi Penny
    Oh my, what a difference! your sweet little corner is gorgeous now. Love the bike and how you did the birdcage. Love the walls too. It really looks so pretty now

  5. OMG I love what you did!!! The border of plates is so lovely!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. You and your husband are SO creative. I loved that gate (I think it's a gate) that was in the background of the first picture. Beautiful..looks like you painted it..and took it apart. Wouldn't l love a gate like that in my fence. So unusual. I love anything that is rounded on top like that. I've always wanted a front door curved like that. Never going to happen..but they are beautiful. It all looks so fresh and pretty! Good job! We cleaned our corner up long ago..and now it's waiting for a small shed..I hope.

  7. WOW! What a beautifully amazing transformation!

  8. It turned out beautifully! And I must thank you for the inspiration ~ we have 2 old bikes that we were thinking of tossing/selling I now know what I want to do with them! One will be painted Heirloom White, one some shade of heliotrope ~
    Thanks again!

  9. are so creative!!You did a fantastic job . Such beautiful transformation.The border made with plates is absolutely original.

  10. Such clever ideas, I love the bird cage upside down on the bike and your saucer border, looking good!

  11. Very pretty! Don't know if we'd have the discipline to keep everything white!

  12. How clever to use the bird cage as a basket Penny. Love that idea! My little catch all place is where my potting bench is. On the agenda to repaint the bench and clean it up too. You have inspired me to get going!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Penny,
    Love the plate border!! And LOVE that bike!! You imagination and creativity is truly inspiring!!


  14. What a difference in that corner! It's so bright and cheery! Love the birdcage basket for your bike...wonderful ideas!

  15. Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday - Link Party!! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! Pinned!


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