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Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween Decor

H and I just goofed off today.....took a little ride.....done some window shopping,   well,  maybe I bought a couple of!  
It was hard to resist buying this plaid witch hat,   isn't it cute

After being in wedding mode for the last few weeks,   I needed something to get me in the Halloween mood.     If these cute faces don't do the trick....nothing will!

These big sheep really caught my eye....but they would wreck my decorating budget

I didn't even look at the price on these.    If they're in a locked case,   I probably can't afford them!

Her sweet pumpkin head has fell off

This big display of Dept 56 Halloween houses really put me in the mood to do a little decorating.....

Maybe I'll do a little Halloween decorating tomorrow!


  1. That is a lot of Halloween decor! I do not decorate for most holidays anymore, but used ot do a graveyard in my yard with "stones" that had friends and neighbors names:
    Here lies Chuck, Hit by a truck.
    Sexy Rex Lost his flex
    He used to be Don Juan, But now he is Don Gone.
    and so was fun to see all come to seek out their tombstones.

  2. Penny,
    Really cute Halloween goodies! I especially like the Halloween Dept. 56 things.....

  3. Ah that looks like the vintage looking creations the most! Thanks, Sandi

  4. Cute finds, I have the same opinion if something is behind glass I figure I can't afford it, so I just enjoy looking at them :)

  5. That is quite a display there! Wow! I love that plaid hat, Penny. Have fun decorating! xo Diana

  6. Your finds are so pretty. I'm sure you will have so much fun decorating

  7. Oh Penny, what amazing Halloween decorations...I loved all of them. Case or no case....anyway..that's why I have been staying out of stores a couple of Saturday's ago. I'm still cringing for that one. Can't wait to see your Halloween goodies! :)

  8. That Witches at is absolutely adorable.

  9. You found a lot of great Halloween decor and you didn't bring any of it home???!!!!! The plaid witches hat is very chic. Ha! My mantra: if it is behind a locked case ... keep walking!


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