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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Organizing the Master Bedroom Closet

I have been putting this dirty job off  for a long time,   but this morning I decided to tackle it!  

 There are matching walk in closets in the master bedroom....and both of them are full of my stuff.     H has all his clothes in the bedroom closet across the hall.

After I packed away all my summer clothes,  I played with my new found clothes.    It was so much fun to put outfits together when  I could actually find what I was looking for!  
  I put all my summer clothes in those three vintage laundry hampers you see on the back wall,  so they are close at hand if we have a heat!

Look at this mess.    All my hangers at least match now,  but  I am thinking about buying some new pretty ones.

I started my organizing on the floor with those piles of shoes.   I went to Target and bought an over the door shoe organizer for my flip flops.   I have another one that hangs from the rod at the back of the has my slip on shoes stored in it.    Now I won't be crawling around on the floor looking for matching shoe's .   I also found three earrings that had disappeared from the top of the jewelry cabinet into the shoe piles. 

All my smalls were put in pretty decorative boxes......

I put small "alike" pieces in pretty round boxes.    I have all my seldom used small evening bags in one of them.
I like small purses that don't kill my shoulder to carry them.....I travel!

My jewelry is going to a different location..    After I complete that project,  I'll do another post.

This is the lacy top that I wore to our daughters wedding.      The wedding was very informal and I just added a pair of matching legging and slip on shoes.

Sometimes I dress up a a little,  but I am way more comfortable in the outfit you see in the background.   I have grey capri's that I wear with that top.....and of course,  blingy flip flops.

I've had this top for years,  and I still love it....but again,.....I am way more comfortable wearing my plaid shirt,  jeans,  and blingy flip flops

These are what I call my everyday shirts,  this is what I wear around the house and out in the yard.   One of these shirts and a pair of jeans is my daily  "uniform"

It doesn't show up very well,  but I spelled my name out in pearls on the top of the springs.

 I am still looking for a pearl E.
I moved the jewelry cabinet out of the closet to give me more room.    I am still organizing it,  but I'll show you when I'm done.

I bet I had 50 hangers left after I packed away all those summer clothes!    It really feels good to get this much done today,   hope I can get the other closet  done tomorrow or the next day,


  1. I did the exact same thing on Friday...this week was a week of doing and not You are great for getting both done at the same time. Keep going! Thanks, Sandi

  2. I have NEVER seen a pretty closet before. I am also trying to organize the closets, and eventually the 4 will be done! I have one walk-in master, long and narrow, and 3 small bedroom closets. I think I may be getting rid of a few things as I slowly go through it all. Right now I feel like I just keep moving things from one closet to another! I may post pictures of things I want to get rid of on my blog and let people get them for just paying postage!

  3. I am constantly organized my closet. But my clothes are nowhere near as pretty as yours!

  4. Winter clothes? My clothes are pretty much the same all year round. :( I had to smile at your shirt collection. I thought you had gotten into my closet for a minute. :) I wear the same thing..jeans, a sleeveless T and one of my shirts. Matter of fact I just bought a new one ..can't wait for it to arrive! I'm going to look like a lumberjack probably..but it's going to be comfy for Winter. (like I need another plaid shirt!)
    Wish my closet were that neat!!

  5. Wow, what a pretty closet! I love how you showcased some of your girly outfits - felt like a magazine spread!! One day my oldest grand daughter came in my closet and said, "Grandma, I am not going to be able to come over anymore if you don't clean your closet!" I laughed and said, "You should talk! I have seen your room!" The things kids say!

  6. OMG Penny I have never seem a pretty closet like your. I thought I would see more pink in your closet . Love the way you have show us some of your pretty out fits. Your top was beautiful you wore to your daughter wedding. Can't wait to see the other closet & how you are going to do your jewelry. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog because you show us your pretty stuff & don't write a book a bout everything (lol) Thanks again~

  7. I love your closet and your clothes! I would like to invite you to share this with us at our party #OMHGWW


  8. Penny what a packed closet, you did a g reat job of organizing it. We all have packed closets but you have pretty blingy things in yours, even if you don' t wear them.

  9. This looks so great! How fun!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  10. Looks like a big job! I would love to have an actual 'closet' but have to surfice with my tiny wardrobe, but that could definitely do with a cull for sure!

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.

  11. Penny,
    LOVE your closet!! You have done it up so pretty!! LOL! Love your choice of clothes too!! I have to get out my Winter clothes but mine are heavy sweaters. We had a low temp. on Sunday of 27 degrees ending the growing season here. But tomorrow it is going to be 70!! Crazy weather!! I will share a secret with you...I am start6ing my Christmas decorating upstairs this week.....Shhhhhhhh......


  12. Your clothes are so lovely and romantic. You did a great job

  13. I do the same thing at change of season and it is like having new clothes because I've forgotten what I have. Thank you for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

  14. I need to organize my closet too, thanks for the inspiration! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday, hope to see you again next week!

  15. Your closet is spectacular. I, like you, enjoy decorating my closet with pretties. I wallpaper mine, which I truly like, and hang pictures. Don't need as many clothes since retiring, and living with minimal seasonal change.

    I'm loving the pink fringed bag in the 7th picture down. Wondering if this is a recent purchase, and where I might get one.

    Love your home, and thanks for sharing with us.


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