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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Repurposing a Fishing Tackle Box

They had quite a few tackle boxes at the auction on Saturday,  so I picked up a couple to repurpose.  

  I am organizing the closets in the master bedroom,   so I thought this would be the perfect time to organize my desk

I had some vintage postcards and receipts from the 30's & 40's that belonged to my grandparents in some of the small drawers in the desk.    I thought my new tackle box would be a good place to store those and some other items from my desk.

  I prettied up my tackle box with a small rose swag tied on to the handle with a long piece of lace....simple  

I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a piece of toast while I organized the tackle box.

I put all my old receipts in the bottom......some pretty note cards in the middle.....and I filled the top with "business" cards that I sometimes include in a note to a friend.    I only have one friend that still sends me notes about every other month,  so I keep supplies on hand to send her back updates on our family.     The little box of gold pens in the top middle compartment are from the 60's and belonged to my mother.

I won't bore you with all the old receipts,   but I thought you might enjoy this post card that was sent to my Granddad in 1939.

'Happy Days are Here Again"

I had my collection of vintage clocks on the shelves in the desk and thought a change would be nice.    So,   I packed the clocks away and moved my poodle collection from the family room into the desk.     I also got out my mothers old watches from the early 40's.   All are her's except the big blingy one in the center....that one's mine from the 80's.

I am almost finished organizing the second closet in the master bedroom and will do a post soon.   

I keep the doors closed on the desk when I'm not using it.....keeps the dust out!


  1. I love old tackle boxes, yours looks amazing with the pretty flowers on it. Love the desk set up and your Moms old watches are gorgeous. What a fun project Penny

  2. Very Pretty! I love it when something can be repurposed and yours is a beauty!

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une boîte au trésor ! Les souvenirs s'empilent et ils font ce que nous sommes aujourd'hui... Un très joli billet.
    Gros bisous ♡

  4. Thank you for the close up of the scripture from Colossians... it is an unexpected beautiful message to reflect on today. It reminds me to thank our Lord for His many blessings, but also to dwell on Him as everything I have not only comes from Him, but belongs to Him. It also reminds to be a kind and grateful receiver here on earth as well as a thoughtful giver. I need to work on being more timely.

  5. I always love looking at your rooms, so romantic!! Did you paint the tool box or leave it as is, love it!!

  6. So pretty, Penny! Your home looks so cozy, like a B&B! Lovely.

  7. Penny you are the only person I know that can take an old fish tackle box and make it look pretty, I actually forgot what it was originally used for.

  8. Hi Penny, such a fun post...oh I wish we could visit I collect vintage postcards (have @ 500) and keep them in a vintage sewing box. I also have a large collection of "Poodle Girls" but they only visit in the month of September which is my Olde to a Cocker Spaniel month.

  9. It's always so much fun to visit you, Penny! So many things to look at. I have one of those tackle boxes..and it is handpainted by an artist friend of mine..with beautiful roses. I keep it on my vanity in my bathroom and when I travel I just close the lid and sit it in the bottom of my Vera Bradley Villager, and other items that I want to used in the car or on the plane, water bottle, snack..whatever..and off I got. SO much better than makeup bags..and saves time. Make the bottom of the bag even more stable than it already is. Works wonderfully. It has traveled many miles with me and the roses have gone undisturbed! I always feel at home..and know where everything is. They are a wonderful little item to own.
    SO handy for so many things...

  10. This is another romantic and gorgeous corner of your cozy home. All is stunning . I love the vintage postcards

  11. Your desk is just beautiful, such a lovely assortment of goodies and laid out so nicely!

  12. A lot of vintage treasures. You have such great talent.

  13. Such a pretty transformation.

  14. Wow, your home is just lovely and I really like how you re-did the fishing tackle box. It is just perfect for my Frugal Friday Link up at if you have time to link up I'd appreciate it. I really want to find a way to add a bit of this beautiful vintage look to my home full over very active small kiddos.

  15. Penny, I love old tackle boxes and tool boxes! They have so many uses. I have a tackle box planted with sedums in the garden. Love how you filled yours with beautiful note cards. The donkey card made me laugh! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Love the boxes. You made a great repurpose :)Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty. We would love to have you again next week.

  17. Love the postcard, what a treasure.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  18. Penny,
    Playing catch up again... I have been busy... If you stop by my Rudolph Day post, you will see how busy i have been . Wink Wink!!
    I love this idea. i have my Dad's red tool box that i have wanted to do something with for some time now. I want to use it in the kitchen some how because it is red.......


  19. Penny, your old tackle box is wonderful. You filled it with so much lovely vintage goodness. I like the change to your poodle collection too. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm and please come back this Thursday to share more of you vintage experiences.

  20. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post with Flea Market Friday! I will be featuring it in a little bit when this weeks party starts! xxx....Brooke


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