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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Choosing Shutters for Your Home

I love the charm that shutters add to a home.  

Our daughter wants to add shutters to her home but she can't decide on the size or color .      H and I volunteered to drive around and snap some photo's for her......maybe these will help her decide!

Well,  what do you think so far?

The trend seems to be plain slatted, two ,  or even three slats.   

Slats vertical or horizontal..........which do you like?

Painted or natural wood?

So far she is leaning toward two vertical slats in a natural oak color.    We are going to make it a day project for the family with H being in charge of the construction.!    Our plans are to do her shutters  after Christmas,   so there is still plenty of time for her to decide!


  1. We sold windows, siding, shutters and doors as a business for about 20 years. I can tell you just by looking at the examples which ones are "wrong" can tell when the contractor had no idea how the shutter should be sized to the windows and just stuck something up. Have fun. I love shutters. i think the are the finishing touch...kind of like lipstick on a woman leaving the house. lol xo Diana

  2. Sure lots of interesting shutters. I have a question from your closet post from October. What an awesome post.

    Your closet is spectacular. I, like you, enjoy decorating my closet with pretties. I wallpaper mine, which I truly like, and hang pictures. Don't need as many clothes since retiring, and living with minimal seasonal change.

    I'm loving the pink fringed bag in the 7th picture down. Wondering if this is a recent purchase, and where I might get one.

    Love your home, and thanks for sharing with us.

    Thanks, Penny.

    1. Hi Ellie, I bought that bag about 4 years ago at a shop in Lubbock Texas called Dusty's. I have seen some similar to it at Charmin Charlies, if that is in your area. hugs...

    2. Thank you so much. There is one near me. Will check there. Blessings.

  3. Wow you found a lot of interesting shutters, it would take me some time to figure out what I liked best.

  4. I' ve got natural shutters in my home. The shutters are very popular in Italy.Lovely and very inspiring pictures

  5. Omg! The homes and shutters are fantastic! Thanks for sharing! ,!

  6. I'm so glad, I'm not the only one who drives around taking pictures of random houses...I always get worried they might think I'm casing their you think if they call the police that they will believe I am just a blogger who thinks their house is pretty? These in your post are many great shutter ideas for sure.

  7. Penny,
    Thank you for sharing a lovely variety of shutters, dear one!!!
    Our home had plastic black shutters on the windows when we arrived. . .
    those are long gone!!! However, I, too, have had thoughts of new shutters.
    You gave me quite a lot to think about!!!

  8. Penny,
    All amazing shutters. I love so many of them. I have been thinking of replacing our shutters since they are the original metal ones . I want to go with vinyl as they are maintainence free!!


  9. These are all really great ideas!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  10. Wonderful shutters and an interesting drive. We have wooden shutters on our home and they are painted to match the tiles on the roof. Thanks for sharing.

    Autumn blessings,

  11. Those homes are stunning! Your daughter will have so many options to choose from. Thanks for sharing with us at Your Home Decor and More link party. We can't wait to see what you share next month. Perhaps an update on the shutters?! Pinning and sharing

  12. Such a great post! Featuring tonight on The Painted Drawer Link Party! Thanks for sharing!


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