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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Laundry Room Decorated for Christmas?

I have never decorated the laundry room for Christmas before......but the other day when I was sitting at my desk doing my hair and putting make up on,  I thought to myself.......

I am in this room probably 2 hours a day....why not add a little holiday cheer in here!    It began with a simply silver garland wrapped around the mirror......

Then,   I thought why not a small tree......

I had some cute ornaments that I bought last year  (90% off at HL) .   The ornaments kind of paint a picture of how this room is actually a multi purpose room,,, not just a laundry room.

I do so many things at this desk during a normal day.....

I talk on the cell phone,  not this phone.....

I use my computer......

I do my hair and make up here.....

Did I mention that I blog here.......

I come into the laundry room for linens that I use in my vignettes.......

I have bedding and table linens in these cupboards......

I iron in this room....well,  truth be told,  there's very little ironing going on in this!

In the cupboards behind the door,  I have candles...... 

Everyday candles......tablescape candles.....

Holiday candles and candle holders.     

There are several cabinets over the washer and dryer too!      I have cleaning products on most of the shelves in this area.

The drawers on this side of the desk have extra make up,  curling irons,  and my sewing supplies.    H bought me this sewing cabinet the other day at the auction.    After Christmas ,    H plans to paint it white and I will fill it with my needles and thread.

I really love my sewing cabinet....thank you H!

I also sometimes go thru my recipe books at this desk and H uses it to fill his medicine box.   He uses one of those pill organizers that you put your daily pills in.    He's on lots of medication since his heart valve replacement. 

Last but not least.....we fold clothes on the desk!  

 I think it was well worth the couple of hours in took me this morning to decorate the laundry Purpose room!


  1. Hello Penny, I am just loving your decorating ideas for this room, especially that chandelier! Did you make the little shade covers? You have made great use of this space. Not only is it functional but beautiful too!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. Hi Karen, yes I did make the shade covers. I just gathered fabric and tied it tight to the top of the shade....hugs...

  2. Penny, I love your multipurpose room. You are very well organized. I like the made me smile. Blessings for a wonderful thanksgiving, xoxo,Susie

  3. How much fun! That is one busy room, of course it requires proper decor!! Adorable! I'm inspired to add some holiday bling to my vanity this year, thanks Penny!

  4. ahh, storage, I've been wondering where you put everything....cute, love the bizarre ornaments which are really perfect for this room. And your linen stash, drool. I have so much too, and leftovers from staging my old shop. Gorgeous! Sandi

  5. I always do a little Christmas in every room of the house- I spend lots of time in my laundry room, too. You did a nice job in there--and LOOK at all those linens. Wow! xo Diana

  6. Me encanta la ILUSIÓN que tiene usted por la VIDA, su ALEGRÍA y BUEN GUSTO.
    Le deseo muchos años de SALUD para que pueda COMPARTIR con nosotros su GENEROSIDAD!!!
    Un abrazo desde un pequeño pueblito de Barcelona.

  7. Good Morning Penny
    wow that is a great space for doing so many things. Love your decorating in there. The ornaments are so much fun and look adorable. Enjoy your day Penny*

  8. A lavanderia mais linda que já vi na minha vida,parabéns.Valéria.

  9. So pretty , Penny!! The Blog ornament is spectacular!!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy thanksgiving!! I am working Wed. night but off Thursday and Friday. We are eating for 4 pm on Thursday as Jim and Danielle have to go to work at Target for 10 pm.

  10. Oooh, I love your multi-purpose room! Your gorgeous decorating could stay up for the entire winter. A lady can never have too much storage. Do you remember where you bought the pretty fabric on the chair?

  11. How nice to have the laundry room all decked out for Christmas!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  12. Decorating a room that you spend so much time in is a lovely idea. Love the sewing cabinet and it will be sweet painted white! Thanks for sharing at No Place Like Home.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  13. Sweet and convenient little laundry area. You are so organized..LOVE it!

  14. Oh come on!! I will be lucky to get one room decorated! And you do them all, even the laundry room!

  15. You have inspired me. I could never show my laundry room on my blog! Tomorrow I will tackle it!

  16. Wow what a beautiful room. I love all the wonderful light you get through your window. A very nice space!

  17. This space is so lovely! Great idea to decorate this pretty room where you spend so much time.

  18. Who'da thought to decorate a laundry room! How pretty! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J. Happy Thanksgiving!


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