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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chicken Nesting Box

I bought this chicken nesting box at Roundtop Texas about 10 years ago.   If you've never been to Antique Weekend,  you need to put it on your Bucket List.    here's a link to the details on the upcoming spring show.....

You have seen my nesting box before,  but only in the back yard.   H cleaned it up for me and I styled the kitchen cabinet top using it and some ceramic roosters.    I put a ruffled apron on the top of the box,  leaving just a little of the rust showing.   I also put a small oil painting on the roof and a pink rose stem. 

The wooden perch had fallen apart and instead of replacing it with another wood piece,   I thought this white candle holder would dress my nesting box up a little.

I filled one side of the nest with an ironstone chamber pot,  you have to look really close to see it.   (on hindsight I should have taken a before photo)   Then I filled my pot with a "nest" and added some silk rose stems.

The others side has a grapevine nest filled with strips of torn fabric and a few earrings.

I didn't want to dig through my spring totes for some eggs to put in the nests,   so I used some small white chicks that were handy.

My nesting box has a front and a back.    H screwed a shelf to the back of the nesting box ,  just to add a place for me to put another nest.     When I edited this photo,  I thought to myself....couldn't you have dressed up that crystal lamp a little bit?

So,  I added a pink print fabric bow to the top and
hung a small crystal chandy ornament to the top of the chicken wire cloche.

I made this nest a while back from odds and ends.....

I filled the backside of the other nest with some rose bouquets and another white chick

Does the shelf on the back and candle holder on the front of the nesting box look familiar to you?
They were both in my Christmas tree just a few weeks ago!

I  am almost finished  putting the kitchen back together !


  1. It all looks so pretty, and your nests are intriguing. Love it!

  2. I love the metal nesting box and the roosters :)

  3. This nesting box is another wonderful creation. You are so inventive. All is so pretty.

  4. I am simply amazed at how quickly you can change from one holiday to the next - I still have Christmas and New Years Eve bins in my living room waiting to be carried up to the attic!! I love how you used the nesting box - very charming display.

  5. OH MY GOOODNESS! Your chickens are so charming.. I've never seen anything like that before. How delightful!

    Tamara xo

  6. Who would have thought to bring that inside? It's just the cutest thing!! Hope your weekend is lovely. Your friend, linda @Crafts a la mode

  7. HPS! Beautifully shared! Those birds and their nests are unique and lovely. My mom use to tell us that a bird int he Christmas tree was good luck! I have many little bird figures but only a blue bird with his nest for our Christmas tree. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your beautiful shares. xo

  8. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  9. Penny,
    What an amazing vignette! I must admit that I have never seen or heard of a chicken nesting box. Everything that you displayed in, around and on top of looks fantastic!!

  10. I love my small cottage, but when people show fun things like your chicken nesting box, I wish I had the space. I have seen things like it in different shops, but again, I have no space.

    I love to see your beautiful styling.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  11. What a charming nest ~ Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  12. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday!


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