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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pantone's Rose Quartz and Serenity / Twin Colors of the Year

Rose Quartz and Serenity are Pantone's twin colors of the year and I couldn't wait to add some touches of pastel blue to my existing rose pink decor.

One of the quickest and cost effective ways to add color to your room is the addition of pillows.

Another way is to add a rug

I moved the rug on the left to the sunroom and brought in  the blue and rose rug from the studio.    

I am decorating for Valentine's day now,   so I brought in the dried rose wreath that you have seen every Valentines day since I started's one of my favorites!
I freshened my Valentine wreath by adding fresh baby's breath and eucalyptus....they family room smells wonderful!

I also added a new pale blue bow.......

Left is my wreath  before............................... ............................................ and after

It's about 4 in the afternoon here in Eastern New Mexico and the sun is coming thru our southwest window and filling the room with light........I am sooooo ready for spring!


  1. I definitely like the wreath with added baby breathe as it looks lighter and fresher. The rug adds a very nice touch!

  2. I love the swan in your coffee table and yes!... the addition of blue is lovely with your pinks. Your living room is so pretty, feminine and romantic dear Penny.

  3. Very serene!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  4. Bonjour,

    Je viendrais bien prendre une tasse de thé chez vous !... Belle atmosphère.

    Gros bisous ♡

  5. Great new Look Penny, Good job with Pantone's new color!

  6. This room is so beautiful! It brightens my day every time I open up your blog and see new pictures of it. I just love the swan. I've started looking for something similar for my living room. So gorgeous.

  7. The colours this year are lovely and I like your blue rug there. The baby's breath makes your wreath look so pretty and fanciful. I do love your swan, Penny. Thanks for sharing.


  8. The new look is very romantic. The swan is gorgeous

  9. Penny,
    It all looks so pretty! This id definitely a case of something coming back in style. Do you remember in the 80's when pink and blue were all the rage??
    I really worked hard this weekend and now Christmas is finally put away in the Living Room, Dining Room and the Kitchen. I may start my Valentine's decorating when I am off for 3 days at the end of the week and then pick up putting Christmas away in the Den and upstairs....


  10. I was happy to see the new Pantone colors, too. And it looks like you've made that room look so welcoming!

  11. Pretty room, how do you do it, keeping all your rooms so pretty and well decorated? That rug is gorgeous with your room, good idea to switch.
    Happy daze

  12. Lovely as always my friend...the Pantone colors go perfectly in your room xo

  13. I like the rug that you moved in the living room. It goes so well with the pillows and Valentine décor :)

  14. Beautiful! Love your Valentine decor. The swan is so sparkly -- made me smile clear to my toes!

  15. Everything is so cozy and pretty!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  16. So so beautiful. Where can I purchase a swan like yours. I have wanted one for so long and adore yours, any ideas greatly appreciated. Thank you, again your home home is beautiful.

    1. Hi Donna, I bought mine at Home Goods at their 2015 after Christmas sale....hugs...

  17. I love that you incorporated this year's Pantone colors of the year into your decor!

    Thanks for sharing at the Tips & Tricks party. That's how I found this post. Be sure to come back again on Monday!


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