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Friday, January 15, 2016

Romantic Valentine Dining

I decorated the lit built in cabinets in the small dining room for a Romantic Valentine dinner.   It doesn't have to be February 14th to add a little romance to a special dinner for two!

I have a vintage school locker in the studio full of Valentine decor,   so I went out and selected some of the ceramic couples to make vignette's in some of the mirrored cubicles in the cabinet. 

I found these Christmas ornament "love birds" in the 75% of isle at At Home and thought they would be perfect to use for Valentine decor.

This belonged to my mother and I display it  every Valentines day.

The battery operated candles that I got for Christmas are a new addition to my Valentine vignettes this year.....and I love it that they change colors with the remote.
You could never use real candles in an enclosed cabinet,  but these give the same nice glow.

I decorated the small tree that was in the guest bath at Christmas.

I decorated my Valentine tree with a few hand painted metal  hearts.....

I added a string of "diamond" shaped lites and some Victorian hearts.....

These hearts are new this year....75% in the Christmas isle.

I can't wait to set the table and have a romantic dinner with H!


  1. The cabinet looks so good! Chock full of Love!

  2. That looks very pretty. I like the line from Enchanted April: "It's a tub of love"!

  3. As always beautiful. I want to shop in your beautiful storage

  4. it looks like you brought out an antique shop - wonderful decorations

  5. So pretty! Love the chandelier bling.

  6. Penny, how in the world did you ever collect so many gorgeous pieces!?? I see things in your home I have never seen's just plain amazing. You seem to have so much to work with and are able to use your wonderful talent for decor to it's fullest potential. HOW I do love visiting you. So darned much fun!! Hugs..

  7. Penny,
    So pretty! I love the couple figurines and I see you got the same candles that I have that change colors!! I adore the Tree decorated for Valentine's Day. I finally finished taking down Christmas in the Living Room and will finish the Dining Room today and hope to get to the Kitchen tomorrow. Then I work for 2 days and then have 3 off and hope to start my Valentine's and Winter inside decorating......

  8. Everything so pretty! The pink tree is fairy and the painted hearts are just gorgeous

  9. The figurines are so cute; especially the carriage! Love the crystal on the chandy too.

  10. So the Valentine's tree! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!

  11. SO pretty! Wow...and the detail!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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