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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spring Vegetables

I love eating fresh spring vegetables,  don't you?
  We don't have any in our garden yet,  but the grocery stores have pretty good ones in our area.

I thought vegetables.....not real.....would make a fun theme for one of the kitchen countertops.     I started  by getting out my favorite ceramic asparagus tea pot and cookie jar.    I've had both of them  so long I can't even remember where they came from.

 I added some silk cabbages.......

The sweet little duck has laid her spring eggs......golden!

 Several of you have asked if we ever cook in the kitchen.....all the time.    In fact,  this little duck got knocked over the other day while we were cooking and the end of her asparagus was broken off.   right at the beak.    It's part of life....glue it back and get over it! 

Pea's and radishes are two of my favorite spring veggies......real ones...that is!

On the left is my duck's nest....full of feathers and a few eggs.      I don't know what the the pink iron swan holder originally was,  but it holds a vintage glass light fixture to make a nest for my spring duck!

  I don't decorate the island because that is where we do all the cooking.  

If I'm frying something....which I don't do a lot of that.....I just spread a big white dish towel over the decorations that are to the side of the stove top.    It's easier to cover than to!   

I have two of the counters decorated for spring....only two more to go!

Now I need to get my spring apron on and fix supper!


  1. THese tea pots are so lovely, pretty and very original. They are perfect for your beautiful kitchen

  2. My kitchen has only 2 counter tops so I am only left with my kitchen table. It is a glass top but has a shelf underneath in the center and that's what I decorate, I love all your spring decorations and have had many inspirational ideas.

  3. You have a beautiful and fun kitchen to cook in. I am sure it makes it so much nicer to go in and cook when you have it so delightfully decorated. Perfect for the Spring that is soon to come. Love all your veggie decor.

  4. Love the vintage Fitz and Floyd items!!!!

  5. Your kitchen looks so cute. I had one of those asparagus teapots years back but accidents happen and I broke it. They are very fun accessories for the kitchen and especially for springtime. Lovely decorating!

  6. Well I have never seen so many cute spring dishes, I love the plate with asparagus, how cute and what fun golden eggs. I have a dozen craft eggs, you have inspired me.
    Thank you for stopping by to share your home on Oh my Heartsie Girls WW this week.
    Pinned to share!!
    Have a wonderful week, Penny!

  7. What a fun kitchen to cook in! Love the duck and the teapots! Your grands must love visiting your house! Thanks so much for sharing.


  8. I absolutely love asparagus but the thought of decorating with it has never occurred to me! Wonderful and beautiful kitchen. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  9. Penny,
    Love all the cute vegetable items!! This is something that I must admit I never thought of doing....decorating with vegetables!! Adorable!!


  10. Beautiful Penny. Love this collection. The teapot and duck is darling. Thanks for linking up to D It & D it!

  11. So pretty! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  12. That's lovely! Thanks for joining the tips and tricks link up party!

  13. i love your kitchen decorations. I purchased a rabbit picture from Pier I and im looking for a cabbage like you have, to display with the picture. Can you tell me where you bought it?


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