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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Styling Vintage Milk Glass

I have quite a few pieces of milk glass that belonged to my mother,   and I have picked up a FEW pieces!

I decided to move my collection from the display cabinet in the hallway and put it in the lit cabinet in the family dining room.

Left photo shows the cabinet after  the Easter decor was packed away.....the glass shelves and mirrors were cleaned and the move began!    
Notice the tree that now fills the corner at the end of the display cabinet....funny store about that tree that I will share with you later.

All the milk glass received a good cleaning and placed on the shelves,     Once I got the milk glass arranged,   I added a flower garland to the front of the cabinet.    You can't open the doors with the flower garland in place,  so I made sure each piece was where I wanted it before I put the garland down.

I like to stack pieces of milk glass to make a "unique piece".....

I should have used the milk glass canisters in my Farmhouse kitchen....too late now...the garland's!

After all the milk glass was on the shelves,  it looked too bland.....

So I added some touches of pink......

Left photo is the cabinet decorated for Easter.......Right photo is the new look with milk glass

The doors wouldn't close with the cake stands on the shelves,  so I had to put most of them on the left end and leave the door open.    I have one square cake stand that would fit.....4th row... bottom shelf.    That cake stand belong to my mother,  so it is very special to me!,


  1. Oh, my goodness! Penny! I love your milk glass! The cabinet you have is amazing and sooooo big. What a collection you have too. I collect milk glass and have gone a little crazy on buying it since we've moved to upstate New York! ;) But, I have nothing like yours. It is so pretty and so easy to use in any room! Thank you for sharing your fabulous pieces.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Penny, When I saw your collection I thought of I see she's been by herself to view this glorious display. You have some very unusual pieces. It's all so pretty and in the mirrored cabinet it's twice as nice. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Quelle incroyable organisation ! De très belles pièces se dressent derrière vos vitrines... je suis sous le charme.

    Gros bisous ❀

  4. What an amazing collection and how lovely to continue on with your Mum's collection...l also love how you've styled everything, it all looks so pretty.

  5. Beautiful!
    I love your home, it's always gorgeous!

  6. Your collection is huge, so beautiful. I have a few pieces of milk glass that I use for entertaining, food looks so good on them.

  7. I can see the cake stand, looks like a double one and it's lovely! That is a large collection. Your home must be pretty good size and those built in cabinets are fantastic. I always admire them. So, so pretty, all of it!

  8. Love your collection of milk glass, every detail and element is so, so pretty!
    Thank you for joining us in Thoughts Of Home On Thursday.

  9. Your milk glass is beautiful! You have a beautiful collection and it's great in that china hutch. How lucky you are to have a place that allows your collections to shine.

    Pinned. Happy TOHOT. :)

  10. Oh I love milk glass! Your collection is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!

  11. Wow Penny!! I could just browse your pictures all day, it is all so very lovely! Thank you soooooo much for sharing this with those less than talented in decorating (ME!!!).

  12. Your collection is amazing. Your milk glass is stunning and your white cabinet is just gorgeous

  13. I had to laugh, you never just have a 'few pieces' of anything. Lots of goodies in there, and what a great way to display them all. I think milkglass is in the middle of a resurgence as my sources have seemed to dry up. Great share here, Penny. Thanks, Sandi

  14. Your collection is just wonderful.
    I collect milk glass as well, and there is nothing prettier.
    It's also a work horse, right?
    I love what you have done in the hutch.

    Enjoyed visiting,

    Thank you for linking to TOHOT.

  15. Your milk glass collection is wonderful.

    Now I am wondering what ever happened to my mother's.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  16. Lovely collection of milk glass. I have on humble piece.

  17. Penny,
    What an amazing collection of milk glass!! Stunning pieces and all displayed beautifully!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  18. This is the most beautiful cabinet (?) I've ever seen! I'd give anything to have this! You can send it my way. lol Just kidding! You have a very nice blog!

  19. Wow, you have quite the collection! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  20. Absolutely beautiful display, Penny! You are a true decorating artist :)

  21. Your milk glass collection is lovely, Penny! You have it displayed beautifully and everything looks better with a touch of pink. ;-) Thanks for sharing.

  22. Dear Penny:
    They sure make a pretty statement and light and clean looking! So glad you shared and linked.

  23. What a beautiful display! #HomeMattersParty hope to see you back!

  24. So much attention to your incredible milk glass c0llection and cabinet for showing them all at their best. While I certainly admire every piece my favorites are the cake stands, counted four, are there more I missed?
    So lucky to have pieces from your Mom as they are bound to be harder to find and more rare.
    Have just recently decided to collect what can afford, was given a gorgeous pitcher from daughter who helped her older neighbor move. Have never seen one like it. Did see some very nice pieces at shop downtown around holidays, would love to go back to see if any are left. My collection might grow to take up 2 shelves in niche hubs made in l/r. Have wonderful week Penny.

  25. I love milk glass and you're collection is very impressive! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday

  26. Your milk glass is so beautiful. I haven't seen it in years. Thanks for sharing your collection with us at the Over the Moon Link Party.

  27. Wow... what a collection! You've displayed it beautifully. Love the square cake stand!


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