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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Small Changes in the Family Room

It's been too hot to work in the yard the past few,  I have been working inside.    It's supposed to be cooler the next few days,   I sure hope so!

About mid May.  I freshened the family room for summer so it was time for a small change.  

 I had a couple of new pieces that I purchased over the weekend at yard sales,  so I decided to make the small changes in the family room with my "new to me" pieces.    I had a yard long rose picture on the mantel,  so when I removed it,   it was like having a blank canvass to work with since that  and the rose garland was all that was left on the mantel.

    Before I show you the transformations of my yard sale finds,    I wanted to share some "moving things around" changes that were made.   In the photo on the left you can see the big bicycle that I had in front of the fireplace.    It was moved out to the front yard.    I put two smaller bikes on the hearth along with a couple of rose bouquets.

I changed the bouquet on the coffee table by just switching around  ones from different rooms in the house.   I also added a large pink and white crocheted piece to the existing Battenburg lace tablecloth.

Here is a close up of the new design on the hearth.

I left the existing garland of roses across the mantel  and  then added one of my new yard sale transformation to the center of the mantel.

In the center of the mantel  is my $1.50 yard sale piece...... a magnetic board with a pretty ....ornate frame.    The frame received a coat of white paint.     I can put a pretty unframed piece of paper art on my board with decorative magnets.    I think this new board will be very versatile......I can use it as an inspiration board for decorating ideas......I can use it on the kitchen counter to hold recipes.....I think you will see it again and again in future posts.

The paper art that I used today came from one of my Daphne Diary magazines.   I placed my magnets on the bicycle wheels to hold the paper to the board.

I can change the look  on the mantel just by changing my art piece.

To each side of the magnetic board,  I placed a floral design  in one of my milk glass pieces.

Just a simple floral design.....

In the center photo,  you can see a justice scale that I purchased at a yard sale over the weekend for $4.    It was a similar to one I already had......lots of brass and very little crystal.      I have several scales that I have picked up cheap at yard sales,   so I thought maybe I would like these two painted white.     

Each scale got a coat of white paint......

I put a simple milk glass tea cup in the crystal plate on each scale.

So,  to sum it up......$5.50 spent on new pieces,  white paint that I had on hand,   and by moving around things I already had.... I was able to create a fresh look in the family room.

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  1. Very pretty Penny. With the open space in the middle, you feel like you are still in the middle of a garden.

    I'm looking forward to styling something here, when the remodel gets finished. Hard to think with all the totes and chaos. And I know what you mean about being too hot to be outside. Thanks for the tips, Sandi

  2. Good Morning, Penny!! Love your transformations!! The magnetic board transformation is spectacular!! What a great idea!! I really like the scales in white too. I have one in gold in the dining room which I will keep that way but I will be looking for another one to paint white!! The entire fireplace looks fantastic!!
    Stay cool in this heat. Our 90 degree heat wave should break this weekend. Thank Goodness!!!!

  3. That's a big room, isn't it Penny? You have fixed it up beautifully. I like where the loveseat is situated.

    Happy Thoughts of Home. Thanks for joining us. ;)

  4. I love that you did this all on a budget.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. You are so gifted and creative!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at Thoughts of Home.

  6. Very pretty and very creative! Lots of touches of beauty everywhere here. HPS and thank you for sharing. xo Anne

  7. Penny, your redo in the living room just goes to show what white paint can do. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Designs.

  8. Penny,

    I just look my eyes full of your beautiful artistic creations, and think that all your white draperies and flowers and lovely white-white-white are the most welcoming sight on the internet. I think that coming downstairs into that fairy-tale room every morning would be like stepping into a sumptuously-arranged wedding, awaiting much-loved guests, every single day.

    Pink and white in all their permutations, with such a sure eye and touch for the whimsical, the elegant---you know, on the hot days when our A/C has been out for a while, and the kitchen's gaining on me, along with the laundry and the dust---it's just wonderful to know you're here.


  9. So pretty! Thanks for linking up at Welcome Home Wednesdays!

  10. you always have such a lovely vision that makes your home so welcoming

  11. Your rooms are over the top and just lovely! I always wonder how you dust, though, lol!!

    Thanks for sharing with us at Throwback Thursday!!


  12. love your room, and the fact that there is a vintage bike in there. What a great job a little bit of paint and elbow grease will do
    come see us at

  13. Penny, Lovely changes! You have such an eye for "beautiful"! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  14. Your new look is gorgeous! I love the magnetic board painted white as well as the scales. It all turned out beautifully and oh so thrifty. I'd say that is $5.50 well spent. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  15. The new pieces look great! I really like how you redid the magnetic frame, and the scale is such a neat piece!!

  16. You did an amazing job with the room -- love it! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. :)

  17. What a gorgeous room! I love the rug and all the soft pinks!

  18. I love your new changes! Especially what you did with the magnetic board! Thank you for sharing with the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth each week. We love your beautiful blog :)


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