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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend Treasure Hunt

I went to a few yard sales Saturday and also dropped by the auction for a little while....more about that later!

I was so excited to find two large lit houses at an estate sale in Amarillo Texas Friday.   

This one reminded H and I of the home that he was raised in back in upstate NY.    I was able to get both houses for $14....

After Christmas last year,   I decorated in a winter theme and thought this music box would fit right in.

Pretty candle holders.....

I have a collection of sheep,   so this bell will be added to that

Sweet angel ornament.......

Added this set of 3 hobnail ashtrays to my every growing collection of milk glass......

This tote of shutters was a great buy at the auction for $2.50.    H and I were only at the auction for a short time,  we had some other things we needed to do!    Our oldest and youngest granddaughter did all the bidding this time.

  Our oldest granddaughter Sarah had her eye on a black piano and the youngest (Ky) had her eye on a basket of 3 reborn babies.   Sarah had never done any bidding at an auction,  but she caught on quick and made some great buys. 

Sarah is just one year away from being an RN  and is getting married the first part of December.   Her fiance has a masters in computers and is employed at Clovis Community College.

Sarah got her piano for $25.....they are hard to sell in this area and normally go cheap.    Her finance (Gabe) the cute guy on the right.      This is Gabe,  Ky,  Gabe's mom and dad, and H getting ready to unload the piano at Sarah and Gabe's apartment.   I don't know where Sarah is,  but she was there helping!     

Here is her new piano in their apartment.   She also got a piano bench for $1 that was in bad shape but sturdy that she will redo and renew!    Sarah was also able to get the basket of reborns for Ky also  ($10 for all)

I can't wait to Pennyfy my new lit back soon!

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  1. What fun and awesome fines. I wish I could find prices like that here in Central Florida. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. We love having you.

  2. I can't believe you got those two beautiful Lefton candle holders for $1 each! Awesome! Our yard sales in Knoxville, TN have about dried up. Not a good summer for them and that makes us sad. Take Care!

  3. I can't believe you got those two beautiful Lefton candle holders for $1 each! Awesome! Our yard sales in Knoxville, TN have about dried up. Not a good summer for them and that makes us sad. Take Care!

  4. I want to go with you, so much fun and some really great finds,

  5. My very favorite part is the house with the "curtains" drawn back exactly like every child with a box of Crayolas used to draw them~


  6. I have a large collection of lighted Christmas houses from back when they were so popular. Haven't used them in many years. Thank you for the ideas of painting them to go with my décor so could use full time. They are already Victorian, just need my colors. Can't wait to get started. Do I use regular craft paint, or do I need something special?

  7. What great deals! I love those houses! Great deal on the piano!

  8. Great finds! Reborn babies are very expensive! Look at the online auctions and most go for at least $180 up to $1200!!!

  9. So many great finds! And wow, I can't believe your granddaughter bought a piano for only $25!

  10. WOW! It always amazes me how you find such fabulous goodies at such low prices. Here in southern California we don't usually stumble upon such treasures at such bargain prices. Can't wait to see how you Pennyfy those little houses you found.

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  12. Beautiful finds! The two houses and the candles holders are adorable
    Hugs Alessandra

  13. Penny,
    Great buys especially the 2 houses, the snow globe and the candle holders!!
    Wonderful pieces!! The piano is great buy!
    Glad to hear that your daughter will no longer be up in the helicopter but on the ground in the ER! The constant flight in a helicopter would make me nervous too!!
    I will be off for 3 days at the end of the week so I will start my Fall decorating then.

  14. Once again...wonderful bargains. :) Yep..I can't wait to see those little houses "Pennified" too. :)

  15. What lovely finds! The music box is so pretty :)

    Edye | Http://

  16. Oh my, Penny, a piano for $25, that's amazing! Love the shutters! Your Snow Baby snow globe is adorable! I collected many Snow Babies over the years. The candle holders are lovely too. You find the neatest things! Thanks for sharing.


  17. Such fun finds! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  18. Oh Penny, you found lots of goodies. I particularly like the sheep bell and the milk glass. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle this week. Pinning


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