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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Weekend Treasure Hunt

Lot's of treasures to be found at the yard sales Friday and Saturday......yes,  I got to go two days!

I needed to keep the island cleared off for some cooking that H wanted to do.   So,  we worked around each other and I spread out into other parts of the kitchen to share my treasures and even on into the family room.
  The first treasure is on the counter behind the island.

I found a matching chicken wire cloche ($2) that matches the one I've had for several years.   The new one is on the left....the old one (with all the is on the right.

I tucked in my $2 glass pumpkin into the vignette on this counter.....

I'll add it to my fall stuff  that's  in storage and bring it back out in the fall.

I sat this iron candle holder on the pass thru to get a photo for the blog post.....

I'll put my $5 candle holder in the garage until I find a permanent home for it later.  

Now,  on to the family room for a great find that we found for our Grand daughter at a yard sale Saturday.    She has been wanting a spinning wheel forever and we finally found her one.   I took this photo yesterday before she quickly loaded it into her car and took it!

H got her both pieces for $12.

Now back to the kitchen to see the rest of my treasures before H kicks me!

Sweet kitten hat box.....

A metal candle stand.
   I don't usually pay $10 for anything....I try to get a cheaper price.
 But this sale was a fund raiser for the ASPCA in Amarillo,  so I paid full price.

Two sweet bunnies......

My big white owl was $3......

I finally found some thin stripped pink and cream fabric to make smaller flags and patriotic decor.

I found the larger stripped fabric at Walmart,  but had been unable to find a thin stripped fabric.....

Now I can make some smaller flags!

What caught my eye as we drove around to the yard sales......this big bed of pale lavender phlox's.....

Loved all the patriotic decor on the front porch of this home.....

Esp,  the old bicycle leaned up against a chippy wooden the shadow of a cowboy and his son on the gate.

Lot's of homes in our part of the country decorate their homes in a Patriotic theme all summer long....from Memorial day until Labor day..

I loved the big Bloom sign on the porch and the unique front door.

  Have a blessed week!


  1. Penny,
    You always get the best buys!! Love the candle sand and I think it was worth the $10!!

  2. Penny, I live in Guymon, OK and was wondering where the flea market is in Amarillo that you showed in one of your blogs. My husbaqnd and I love a good flea market.


    1. I believe the address is something like 99 S Polk. They don't have it every week end and I'm not sure just how often they do have it....hugs....

  3. I thought it was a real kitten peeking through a rose wreath! LOVE it as am a cat lover!

  4. I share your love of outdoor patriotic decor in the summer! So glad you found the little pink stripe fabric! Can't wait to see your new flags! #merrymonday

  5. I want you to come shopping with me and help me repurpose. I need your eye for ideas :)

  6. Penny, I have napkins with goats, ducks, and rabbits that I want to decoupage, like you have. If you decoupaged yours, what did you put them on? Tin, canvas? And did you enlarge the prints to fit? I love your blog and all your beautiful decorating. Hugs, Pat.

  7. Penny you're making me homesick! I miss going to yard sales so much! Unfortunately we don't have them here in Greece, Thanks for sharing all of your treasures with us!

  8. Wow girl I love yard sales.... you certainly found some great finds that fit you perfectly. So happy to stumble over from home sweet home today and see your pretty post.

  9. Great finds! Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm!

  10. Your finds are fabulous. Talk about great finds and deals. Really like the glass pumpkin, it looks very vintage.

  11. Always a pleasure having you link up with your decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing with us at #BloggersPitStop.

  12. are blessed with all those lovely vintage collection! I wish I lived nearby :)

  13. What amazing finds as always, I would love to go shopping with you


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