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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Week End Treasure Hunt

Welcome to this weeks treasure hunt.  
  Not too many yard sales this week end......I guess lots of families are busy getting ready to send the kids back to school soon.      I did notice plenty of gently worn school clothes at the yard sales,  gotta make room for the new school clothes!

I was so excited when I spotted a box of dishes at a local church barn sale.     The box was kind of hidden under a the back.....easy to be overlooked.     It contained some Desert Rose coffee cups to add to my collection.....

The box also had 4 vintage bowls and a couple of saucers.......$5 for the whole box.

I need another Victorian cookie jar like I need a hole in the!   But come on.....who could pass up this beauty!


I bought these corn holders at the same place that I found the Victorian house cookie jar.

I have a clear glass set......and a yellow set.....but loved the white!

Made in Portugal ......$5 for the set.

I don't think Root makes the 18 inch taper anymore......

So   I was glad to find a set of 2....never used .....for $2

Cute pink and yellow candle holder.....

You can't give away Easter this time of year.......

I was able to pick up 3 bunnies and 3 pink bottle brush trees......$1.50 for all.

I think these Jester bear head Christmas ornaments will look great on a Victorian themed tree......

How cute are their little hats and collars......

We went to a few sales on Friday and only 2 on Saturday.   We were in a hurry to head over to the lake and watch our daughter's family take turns being drug behind the jet ski on an big  inner tube.     A few of them even got up on the Wake!

I couldn't resist taking a few snapshots of the area around the lake......

The contrast of the dry southwest land and the big lake is amazing!   Sorry I didn't get any photos of the lake.....was too busy watching the kids!


  1. What wonderful finds. I love that cookie jar the best. You certainly have a good eye for finding pretty things. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. My favorite things were those teeny brown bunnies sitting near the bottle brush trees! Soooo cute!

  3. Me ha encantado todo pero especialmente la CASA VICTORIANA para galletas. Que preciosa!!!. Un saludo cariñoso

  4. So pretty. Did you look them up to see if they have antique value?

  5. I need to get busy and find some yard sales! Your always finding the cutest items ever! I am Brenda Burk's cousin here in Oklahoma. Am so glad she shared your blog with me!!

  6. Penny,
    Beautiful Finds!! The dishes and the cups are lovely as are the Easter and Christmas finds!!
    The photos of the area around the lake are amazing!! Beautiful landscape!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  7. Yummy, yummy things! And the photos are beautiful. Also, that amazing Victorian cookie jar is something I've not seen before. Evidently you must have since you call it "another" Victorian cookie jar! It's quite a work of art. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

  8. I am not so sure that I would have been able to resist that cookie jar either.

  9. I think I have a teacup that matches your plates and saucers. I inherited it from my mother-in-law. Thanks for sharing your finds!

  10. That cookie jar is lovely and what a great find on the Desert Rose! I would have grabbed the pink bottle brush trees too! Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm!

  11. You find the most amazing stuff at the best prices I've ever seen. Love those Jester Bears.

  12. Sounds like you had a successful time of shopping even though there weren't many sales. :)

  13. You have a knack for scoring the best items at great prices! Thank you for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story, and have a great weekend.

  14. Such great finds! And you're right about that Victorian cookie jar - too cool to pass up :)

  15. Lovely finds! Just like you I have a hard time passing up pretty dishes....Christine

  16. Fun things you've found this weekend, Penny! I have a hard time passing up rabbits any time of year, too. <3

  17. Like always you find the most beautiful and unique pieces. You have a trained eye and and great creativity. Thanks for sharing at

  18. Great finds, I really like those white corn dishes, the farmhouse vignette possibilities with those are endless. As always great finds.

  19. What a beautiful area you live in! Love the pictures from around the lake. You really did find some wonderful treasures. Those Desert Rose cups and mugs are just gorgeous, and I love the cute corn holders too. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of Hearth and Soul. Hope you will visit the party again this week!

  20. Such gorgeous finds as always and I love that cookie jar!

  21. Great finds on your weekend treasure hunt. THANK YOU FOR sharing at last week's party. I hope to see you at this week's Reader Tip Tuesday: xo


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