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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fall Tablescape

I try to create a fall tablescape each of the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.    Thanksgiving is such a special family day that I want the tablescape to be perfect.    So,   about the week before Thanksgiving,   I will look thru all my tablescapes and select my favorite one to recreate on that special day.

Sometimes,   as I am taking my photographs for my post,   I will add or take away things and move things around..   That happened today.....I added these sweet little owls!    So,  you may notice that they are in some of the photo's and missing in!

This weeks tablescape was so much fun to create.....

I even decorated the floor!

I created my centerpiece using the candle/cupcake stand that you've seen me use many times.     It,  is such a versatile piece ....I use it all the time.

I filled it with pumpkins this time.      You will notice all kinds of texture as you stroll down thru the close ups.  I have pumpkins made with velvet......muslin.....pinecones.....and a few white baby boo's.       


The dishes I'm using today are some I picked up at a yard sale  long time ago.     I don't remember what I paid for all of them   but I usually cap myself at $10.

There were 6 plates.....a couple of them had chips.     6 soup bowls......6 tea cups and no saucers.

Here's the marking on the bottom of the dishes.

I have never used fur as a table runner,   but there's always a first time.     This is actually two small thin rugs that I put together to form the runner.    When I take down this tablescape,    I will use my pretty pink fur pieces somewhere else.    I even think they would work as a tree!

I used my go to napkins and copper flatware for my tablescape.

Who wants a Moscow Mule after dinner?

For a different look this week,    I have the plates on the buffet in a stand instead of on the table.

I have the copper mugs on the buffet along with......

a big silver pot that I've filled with babies breath......

You have seen my Gunne Sax pumpkin in years past,   but this year she had lost her stem and I made one using antlers.

I used a magnet to display a paper print of flatware.    I actually had to sandwich my print between two magnets.   Who knew a magnet wouldn't stick to a silver tray! 

You may remember that I used the wood slice tiered stand that H made me on the buffet last week.    I just moved it over to the display cabinet ledge for this week.      I plant to use it all thru the fall season,   so you haven't seen the last of it!

The pink sunflowers on each side of the tiered stand are left over from last weeks centerpiece......

I have the left over pieces of the china I used on this weeks tablescape displayed on the tiered stand.

Here's the other wall to the side of the table.     If you missed that post.   here's a link to it........

I plan to do a post sharing all the fall tablescapes I've created when Thanksgiving is closer.    Will you help me pick the favorite?


  1. Penny, You knock my socks off !! What a decorated home. I loved the shiny pumpkin with the bk/wh ribbon. So pretty. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Penny, your effort is recognized! So pretty!

  3. Just awesome.. How could you do such beautiful things?

  4. The copper goes so well in a fall tablescape! You always are so creative.

  5. Another inventive, elegante and awesome tablescape
    Hugs Alessandra

  6. OK. I always always see the coolest things in your photos! I'd love to know where you found the pillow in the arm chair just off the end of your dining table?! And I am in love with the paper flower pumpkin.... and that shot of the display cabinet through the chandelier prisms!!!! wow.
    :) gwingal

    1. Here's a link to the site I purchased fall pillows..... Have a wonderful week end...

  7. There is so much here to be inspired by! I can't decide if the owl pair (so cute!) or the fur rug runner is my favourite. I've been contemplating using a rug runner myself - you've definitely inspired me to do it!

  8. Penny,
    Fantastic!! Those owls keep popping up everywhere, don't they? That is because they are so darn cute!!

  9. There's so many different ideas that I'm having trouble choosing. Thanks for the great inspiration

  10. So pretty. I love the china and the little velvet pumpkins. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  11. I love your creativity. The fur runner is to die for, and the wood slice tier stand puts the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  12. Very creative! Thank you for sharing at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty

  13. I always enjoy looking at your home but I do wonder what a chore it must be to dust it all.

  14. Love your decorations. The vintage lace and velvet pumpkins are gorgeous.


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