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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Farmhouse Christmas Tree

I already have the kitchen decorated in a farmhouse style theme and I plan to add Christmas touches to some of the existing vignettes on the counters.     BUT,   with that beings said,   I am creating new Christmas decor in the kitchen too!

I haven't had a tree in the big  kitchen window in several years,  so it was about time to put one there this year.     Well,   may two would be!

I also wanted to create a theme tree that I haven't ever done in years past.    What's my theme this year?

Mason jars!    Yep,  nothing says farmhouse like mason jars!

I used the the rag stars that I made a few years ago as the toppers for the trees.     Here's the one on the smaller tree and you saw the one on the larger tree in an earlier photo.

I decorated the smaller tree very simply......just a garland......

After I put the garland on,   I added a few big paper mason jar ornaments that I made myself.    

All the mason jar themed ornaments you will see on both trees were made by me..... and H helped too.    He put the chicken wire in the jar rings and cut the holes that the jar lids are hung by. 

   I'm going to just let you scroll down and take a look at the ornaments that I made.....enjoy the tour!



Home made ornaments are a lot of work,   but it is so worth it.     

You will find most of the printables that I used to create my ornaments on my Pinterest's a link to it....

I have a wreath hanging in the window on the existing piece of leaded glass.    Don't you love the blue car with a tree on top of it ! 

To the side of the taller tree is a chair with my favorite pig sitting in it......

The taller tree is potted in a vintage milk crate......

And,     another of my favorite ceramic pigs is sitting in front of the smaller tree.     

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?   
  I always start early so I can enjoy the process and not feel hurried.   I try to have my Christmas decor finished right before Thanksgiving and that's only about 4 weeks away!   I'd better get busy!



  1. Penny, I love those are so clever and crafty. I think those tow pigs look great by the trees. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Penny,
    LOVE the ornaments that you made!! They are adorable!!! I really like the 2 trees where you have tem there. May I ask where you bought those thin white trees???

  3. You are such an inspiration and I just love your decor! Where do you find the energy to decorate so beautifully for each season and holiday? I love holiday decorating- it's hauling the bins down from the attic (then back up again) that makes me very lazy :)

  4. Oh, I lov these ornaments- how have I not seen your pinterest page before!?

  5. Definitely a unique idea I had never seen before.

  6. I love your white trees. I bought me one last year. And now you have me wanting to get it out and UP! haha I love what you've done. The theme of canning jars is brilliant!
    :) gwingal

  7. Ohhh...i love these decors. The theme of the jars is very clever
    Hugs Alessandra

  8. I am thinking that in my next home I may totally change up the way I do my Christmas Tree. Perhaps I will go themed.

  9. Wow you are early with your Christmas decorating. Everything looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing with the Blogging Grandmothers. I have shared on social medial #BloggingGrandmothersLink Party.

  10. Gorgeous as usual! Pinned it--thanks for linking up!

  11. Your farmhouse Christmas trees are beautiful. I love all the Mason jar themed ornaments. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  12. Your ornaments are really lovely ... such holiday glam from a plain jane mason jar! ... and yes, I do indeed love that blue car with the tree on top! (I have a small metal Christmas tree ornament that is almost its twin! LOL)
    I am always amazed at the amount of decorating you do! Last year I had seven Christmas trees - and when people commented on the amount of time and effort involved, I pointed out your blog. LOL You have outdone the Christmas fairy herself!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Love the mason jar ornaments! Such a pretty kitchen for Christmas!

  14. Oh those mason jar ornaments are soo cuuute! I love them! They look like something you'd buy at Hobby Lobby. The jar lid ornaments are also very clever. Your other decor is so pretty too. Very nicely done Penny.

  15. What a whimsical tree! The mason jar ornaments are so fun and I especially love the lid as an ornament--thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous Penny. Thank you for sharing at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week.


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