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Monday, February 26, 2018

Farmhouse Style Master Bath

I changed the color scheme and style in the master bath over the week end.       It went from lavender and shabby chic to Farmhouse and pastel decor.    

I shared the south end of the vanity yesterday,    and now the north end is finished and ready to share. 

I love this picture of a old church sitting out in a field of flowers.

On the counter,   I have a white enamel tired stand.    The top shelf has pots of  yellow daffodils like the ones along the fence in the picture.     The second shelf has pale yellow and white face cloths in it.    I don't keep out hand towels to dry our hands on......I like to use the smaller face towels.       I used a metal windmill to hold the hand soap.

Is that a barn door in the bathroom?     Yes,   it's a barn door shower curtain!

The mirror over the toilet has faux barn door track at the top that gives it a real farmhouse look.

I have a floral design on the tank top.

There is a metal basket filled with towels to the side.      These towels are just decorative,    the towels we use are on a hook in the shower.

I repuposed a plant stand into a TT holder. 

And lastly,   there is a picture of a white cow hanging on the wall.


I asked H to take down the towel rack since the towels on it were just decorative.

Oops,   I almost forgot to show you the center of the counter.

I kept it decorated very simply since this is the area we really use.      

I have a couple of small spring plates on the counter.       A sweet calf.........

And a yellow duck.

The final touch to my Farmhouse style bathroom is a Blessed picture on the wall.

If you missed my post on the south end of the bathroom,    here's a peek.......

and here's a link to the post if you want more details.......

It's been a lot of work to change over the decor in the master bath,   but it was so worth it!   
I'm tired so  I should sleep good tonight!


  1. Penny,
    Everything looks very pretty and also very Spring like... I am off for 3 days later this week and I will be taking down my Valentine's and Winter decor to make way for Easter decor.....We have had warm weather but Winter looks to be returning on the upcoming weekend with seasonal temps. and maybe snow....

  2. Love the farm and spring touches in Your beautiful bathroom

  3. What a beautiful room; it looks so comfy and spa-like but practical at the same time!

  4. You are sure having Farm style fun!!

  5. Lovely update! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  6. The bathroom is is bright and pretty. I like all of the details you have incorporated into the bath.

  7. A barn door shower curtain?!! How amazing is that?! Great makeover and thank you for sharing with us at Create and Celebrate!


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