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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Backyard Blooms

I took my camera with me this morning  when I did my "walk around"  to see what was blooming.     

The first flower bed I looked at was the one on the back side of the house.

The iris are in bloom........

If you look closely behind the iris,   you can see a red hot poker that is getting ready to bloom.

There is a cluster of violets peeking our from under the vintage wood wheel barrow.       No flowers on these yet,   but I did find some along the back fence that were in bloom.    I have a photo of them further down ........

The Peony bush has a few buds on it.

I have white iris in bloom in the bed by the fence along the east side of the yard.

I don't remember the name of these succulents in the bed around the maple tree.    All I can say is......nothing will grow  on top of the maple tree's big ground roots,,,,, except this stuff!

You will see that my flower beds have vintage yard "art" mixed in with the flowers and shrubs.     In this bed,    I have a metal wheel,    a rustic wood ladder,  a metal bucket,   and a little John Deere wagon that H fills with trash and pulls behind his riding mower a dumps it in the alley dumpster.

The flower bed on the south side of the yard has a big snow ball bush at the end of it.

I'm going to cut some of these gorgeous flowers tomorrow and make a big floral design for the faux fireplace on the front porch.

Under the vintage metal plow is the cluster of violets that I mentioned earlier in my post.

Violets are like a weed,    they spread everywhere!

In the far distance of this photo is what' s left of the white metal railing that is around the deck that comes off the sun
room.   The kids are coming over Mother's Day weekend and take down the deck,   it is in need of lots of repairs.      We plan to replace it with.....well,   I'll show you!   
Look at the bottom on this photo at the flower that is yellow.....and some other color!

Last summer,   this plant was covered in yellow blooms.    This spring,   it has split off and looks like two different plants......don't know what happened!

This is the side yard that is just north of the deck that will come down Mother's Day weekend.     The white wrought iron gate takes you to the front yard.

This big bush that is now a is in full bloom.

For the life of me,    I can't remember the name of this flower!

Please refresh my memory if you know the name of this bush!

There are several plants under my big a tree........that are in bloom.

Love these white flowers.

We have lots of greenery growing on the fence in the back yard

The flower bed in front of Our Happy Place is filling in nicely since you last saw it.

Now I need to take my camera and do a "walk around" in the front yard! 

  Thank you for stopping by....come back soon!


  1. Isn't it wonderful to see life bursting forth in the gardens!!!

  2. I need help with my Hot pokers "torch lilly". I planted them when I moved here 2 yrs ago. They have yet to bloom. They remain green but I don't think they are doing anything at all...any ideas ? lol I hope you find the name of the bush. I love it!!

  3. Last year I planet two-three pansies, this year my backyard is covered by pansies.. :)

  4. The plants around the Maple tree are mother called them "Live Forever's", and they too, grow like weeds! Don't know the name of the "Big Bush" but the white flowers/plants below are Shamrock Plant and of course, Lily of the Valley.

  5. Penny, your yard is looking great! Spring is such a fun time to see what's coming up. The Sedum is a favorite of mine too since it does great when it's hot and dry later in the year.

    I'm so glad you shared this at the garden party. Now if we could just sit in your backyard and have a little cup of coffee. :)

  6. Penny, I too do a 'walk around' each morning. I call it my morning stroll. :) Your garden is looking lovely. You are a bit ahead of us. My Iris and Snowball are not blooming yet. The plants around your tree are called, Autumn Joy Sedum. No help on the tree. I've seen it before, on vacations; but doesn't grow here. I always love the whimsy that you bring to your garden! Thanks for sharing with the garden link party.

  7. Your shrubs and flowers are a joy to see. You are a month ahead of us. The shrub with white flowers reminds me of a viburnum. I think the plants at the base of your tree are a type of sedum. The little white flowering plant on the ground is a Solomon's Seal. It could be the dwarf version. Glad you joined the Garden Party!

  8. Could you just email the address of Our Happy Place! OH MY GOODNESS! That just looks divine! I would never get any housework done with a getaway like that! Everything looks very beautiful! Happy Spring! (I'm going back to look at the pics AGAIN!)

  9. How beautiful! You are making me eager for spring up here- soon enough, I hope!

  10. Your flowers are so beautiful. I am jealous. We're about a month or more behind. Still have some snow in places. No sign of flowers. Your iris are a pretty colour. I like the wild violets. I have them in white also. Have a good Spring!

  11. Penny, I always enjoy your garden pictures and look forward to seeing more this summer. Happy gardening!

  12. Penny, you have a lovely garden. My iris have been blooming for a month, with a few still giving me some color. I've not been successful at getting large groups to bloom together, but I take what I get. Happy Gardening!

  13. Your garden is lovely. The succulents planted around your maple tree are beautiful. What a brilliant idea! I want to know what they are because I could use something like that in a problem spot in our garden. I'm linking from Poofing the pillows.

    Ricki Jill

  14. That snowball bush is fabulous, Penny! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  15. I'm pretty sure the tree/large shrub you have with the tiny white flowers is a "Viburnum Tinus". Very hardy plant!

  16. I keep telling myself that I need to get a snow ball bush! Maybe this will be the year! Gorgeous yard Penny! Thanks for sharing on Friday Frenzy! Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen

  17. Penny, your garden looks amazing. I love all the bits of whimsy and fun :)

  18. What a lot of gorgeous blooms! You are quite a bit ahead of us....we are still in daffodil and magnolia seasons. I look forward to seeing what the new deck replacement looks like.

  19. What a wealth on wonderful plants,
    a little paradise
    Visiting from "Simply neutrals"
    Greetings from Germany

  20. SO many beautiful blooms! We don't have anything blooming yet but I have seen some green shoots so I know they should be flowering soon.

  21. Oh I am loving all your flowers! We don't have anything blooming yet!

  22. What a lovely yard. Thanks for taking us on your walk around!

  23. Thanks for the walk around your garden. Spring has arrived for you. Your flowers are lovely.

  24. Penny,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the walk around your yard. Spring has definitely arrived in New Mexico!! You have such beautiful blooms!!! Things are just starting to bud around here...

  25. Such beautiful posts for Simply Neutrals Tuesday! I love all the flowers you shared this week and your garden looks amazing 😀. Wishing you a happy new week! J 😊

  26. Your garden is gorgeous, Penny! It really is coming to life for the season. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party. They are great gardening inspiration! Have a wonderful week and hope to see you at the party later!

  27. Lovely! We moved awhile ago from our old home, which would be overrun (happily) by violets this time of year, and I really miss them. So nice to see yours! Thanks for sharing with Party in Your PJs!

  28. Happy spring with its beautiful flowers and fresh leaves! Thank you for joining SNT!


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