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Friday, April 20, 2018

Kitchen Herb Garden

I have a nice big window with a southern exposure in my kitchen that is perfect for a container herb garden.

It is so nice to have a selection of fresh herbs to use when cooking.

The kitchen is decorated in a Farmhouse style,   so I wanted the herb garden to have the same feel.

I have my plants on the window sill and also sitting on vintage milk crates.     I found a wooden HERBS sign at Hobby Lobby that I placed on one of the crates.

In front of the sign,    I have rocks that have herb names on them.

I think the wood slice garden markers also add to the Farmhouse feel.

I found my wood slices just a few days ago in the 60% off isle at Joann's.

I have several kinds of mint that I use in summer drinks.

I like to use unexpected items in my decorating,   and in my herb garden I placed a white vintage light fixture in the milk crate.

While I was photographing the herb garden,   I noticed that the drawer under the Hoosier cabinet could use a good dusting.

While I had the drawer cleaned out,   I thought you might like to see the inside of it.    Not only does the drawer front have a hand painted rose on it,   the inside also has been hand painted.

Many of you have asked where I store everything.

I love to create pretty tablescapes,   so I have to find places to stash all the dishes I have. 

 Let's take a look under the drape across the pass thru.........

I have more hand painted drawers filled with dishes along with a couple of shelves that hold more dishes.   

 I really need to organize my dishes a little better,    but as long as I can find what I need.........that chore is at the bottom of a long to do list!

I just love my herb garden and if you have a sunny window in your kitchen,     I would encourage you to fill it with herbs or flowers! 

   You'll be surprised at how much you will enjoy indoor container gardening!


  1. Penny, Wow girl, you have a lot of dishes. I love the little garden and the cute markers. Your Hoosier cabinet is beautiful, I love it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I grow flowers in my kitchen window too. You are so right, it is very enjoyable! I love the painted drawers for storage idea!

  3. I love the idea of having fresh herbs for cooking. They look so pretty in the window setting.

  4. Love the pretty drawers! What a lovely idea of having herbs in the kitchen

  5. Such a cheerful space! I LOVED looking at your pictures! Your herbs look so healthy and vibrant.

    What a treat it was to visit here today. :-)

  6. Hello Penny, your kitchen herb garden is sweet and very practical. You certainly have heaps of china etc - now I don't feel so guilty about my stash!
    Jesse (from Simply Neutrals Tuesday)

  7. Everything is so lovely Penny : ) I esp like the idea of rock and wood slice markers! So clever. Thanks for sharing at Wen's SNT! Good day, karen o

  8. Penny,
    What a pretty vignette!! And i love your secret storage!! I have to find more of that in my house!

  9. Your kitchen is filled to the brim with beautiful objects, Penny. The herb garden is sweet, I especially love the stones and wood pieces you used as tags. Thank you for joining Simply Neutrals!


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