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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Rose Garden & Progress on the New Deck

Roses are my favorite flower,    so I am super excited that the rose garden in the back yard is in full bloom.      I have several colors of roses in my garden ,   but the pink ones are my favorite.       I have been very selective in what roses I plant in the garden,    they must have lots of petals......50 to many as possible!

Roses are also my favorite flower to photograph

My rose garden has changed a lot since I last shared it about 10 days ago.

May 5th..................................................................................May 15th

I like to take my photo's early in the morning before the sun floods my rose garden 

As you scroll down my photo's,   notice how the parts of the rose bush in the shade look compared to the parts that are in the sun.

How many petals do you think are in this rose.......50  or maybe even closer to 100?      

I love all the textures in this photo

I have an area in the rose garden that I refer to as the Patriotic bed        There's red,  blue........

and white

The florabunda rose bushes are blooming a little behind the others.......

But,    when they do finally will be spectacular!

See how the sun light  affects photo' of the white roses compared to the pink bush that's in the shady area

   That's why I like to photograph my rose garden in the early morning! 

My yellow rose bush was a Mothers Day gift from my daughter several years ago......

This rose bush is really more of a coral color,    but it looks kind of  pink in the photo.

Roses and lambs the texture of this combination planted together.

I have a few strawberry's planted in my rose garden.

These roses are in front of  My Happy Place......formerly known as the!

There is a red climbing rose bush on the back fence........

This red climbing bush has been in the back yard as long as I can remember.

The honeysuckle is blooming too.     The combination of the honeysuckle and rose scent is heavenly!       You can see our neighbors pergola in the background.    Gary and Deb are the best neighbors anyone could ask for.

When I was photographing the honeysuckle,    I could hear Gary's sprinkler system running in his back yard.    Remember......I live in New Mexico.......we don't get much rain so we have to water our yards to keep them green.

This morning...........................................................................this afternoon
H made a lot or progress on the deck today!

I'll be back soon to share more progress on the deck!


  1. One of my husband's co-workers has propagated rose, and he is going give me few.. :D

  2. Your gardens are lovely! I too love roses with many petals ~ still trying my hand at growing David Austin roses in the Central Texas flip-flop of dry winters then humidity and heat in late spring and summers. ;)

    Happy gardening!

  3. Penny,
    Your rose are lovely!! I seem to have no luck with roses....Can't wait to see the new deck!!!!!

  4. Looks so lovely! #homematters

  5. You have a beautiful rose garden! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  6. Your roses are such beautiful.

  7. I can stare at these photos of yours forever Penny. How incredibly beautiful. Your garden must be such an amazing haven and all those blooms that you can pick and fill the house with too. How I wish our roses would thrive like yours do.

  8. Your roses are gorgeous. You have such a wonderful retreat. I know you are going to love that deck.

  9. I love this! Thanks for sharing at Friday Frenzy!! Pinned!

  10. Oh all those lovely roses, how wonderful - such a beautiful garden! I lost 5 rose bushes this winter, I am so sad about that! I have a few left, we'll see how they do this year....if they die also I give up on roses!

  11. Your rose garden is beautiful. I love the pink roses, but the yellow roses are stunning. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures on Sunday's Best.

  12. Love roses and your rose garden is stunning! Mine are just in bud. Can't wait till it's full of roses! Early morning and evening is my favorite time in the garden! Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.


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