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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Week End Treasure Hunt


I found some pretty neat stuff on my treasure hunt this week

I have always admired silver turkey platters with a dome lid in the antique stores,   but they are always so pricey I never dreamed that I would ever find one in my price range!     

I spotted this one at an estate sale Friday

It was love at first sight....... 

They are often called meat platters with a cloche too

Well,   it was in my price range and it came home with me!

H walked into the kitchen while I was photographing my treasures and seemed surprised to see a chair on the island!    I thought he knew me better than!       After being married to me so long,   nothing I do should surprise him!

This hand painted folding chair caught my eye.......

I need another chair like I need a hole in the head,    but who could resist this?     

I found these gold chargers at the same estate sale as the turkey platter.

All 8 of them had my first and last initial on them......Penny Phillips!      They were $1 each and I bought all they had!

This gorgeous plate was at the same sale that I found my chair at.

H found a Texan nut sheller at the same sale.     We have a big pecan tree in the back yard and he had been looking for a sheller and was glad to find one.

Where did you find all the flowers.......... you ask!    

I didn't find them at a yard sale......I got them for Mothers Day! 

 I've been enjoying them all week on the pass thru and I wanted to share them with everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day........

And I hope you found some of the treasure you have been looking for over the week end!

I need to get that chair off the island.......where can I put it!!!!!


  1. Fabulous finds Beautiful chair I wouldn't have passed by it either it would of came home with me the turkey platter is awesome .So happy you have a awesome weekend you are blessed

  2. Oh, I love the turkey platter!!! I was thrilled last time I was at the local flea, to find an 1892 bridal basket with the names of the bride and groom for 3.00!!! I love silver plate and it is not as pricey as decades past. Love seeing your treasures.

  3. Such lovely finds! I like very much the silver plates

  4. Your flowers are beautiful and that chair is divine Penny. Great find !

  5. lucky you a turkey platter and silver chargers

  6. You could place the chair at my house!!! I love all your treasures! Lucky bargains.

  7. Lovely treasures, Penny! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  8. fun stuff Penny....what's the chance of ever seeing a rose Stag plate again---great grabs!

  9. You always find thee greatest treasures!! Would love to find a turkey platter at that price...have been looking for one also!!

  10. What a pretty collection of finds! Patience definitely paid off for you in waiting to find that platter in your price range. Lucky you!

  11. Oh Penny, I should go to the vintage market with you. You have such great eyes for it!

  12. I really want to go garage and estate shopping with you. You find the most amazing things. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch. I collect stray chairs too.

  13. That dome lid is AMAZING!!! Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen

  14. Penny,
    LOVE that chair!! So pretty!!! and the plate and chargers are just perfect!!
    You always find the best things!!


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