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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Being Creative in the Utility Room

I have been having so much fun creating banners,     I hope you're not getting tired of seeing them!

This time I created a banner for the utility room.     This is  probably the only room in the house I haven't hung a banner at one time or another. 

I hung my banner across the mirror  that's above the desk in the utility room.

The desk is where I sit every morning and do my hair and makeup,     so I will get to enjoy my banner every day!

My banner has a sewing theme......

The banner also has several inspirational quotes on it......     I love this one!     "To be creative is to let little pieces of your heart go......  & place them into each project that you make"    

The left end of the desk has another inspirational quote......

take time to do what makes your soul HAPPY........

You can see the wall across the room reflecting in the mirror......We'll  take a closer look at that later.

I love starting my day surrounded....... 

with words of inspiration........

I printed out several so that I can change them out.......

I also printed some pretty photo's to look at as well........

I can also put my calendar at a glance in this holder if I want to.......

I have a my white vintage  (non working)  sewing machine on the counter.      

I couldn't leave out a little Valentine decor,    could I?

I have a sweet Valentine couple sitting on the folding table between the washer and dryer.     Truth time......the clothes get folded on the bed in the room next!

Before we leave,     I wanted to show you the dirty clothes holder I have hanging on the door.   

I have both pockets filled with my collection of vintage  ladies hankies.

I added my personal touches to my banner,    but  the   "meat & potatoes"    of my banner came from the very talented Kerryanne at Shabby Chic          If you  join her Handmade Club,    you'll receive a gorgeous package of goodies delivered to your mailbox each month.     Here's  her link .........

I hope you enjoyed your visit,     come back soon!


  1. I love the sewing machine theme...creativity can bloom in so many ways! Adorable ideas!

  2. Penny, Thanks for sharing your beautiful little corners of your world. It is so happy and makes your home so inviting. If we did that in our homes and places of work, I think people would be happier. It makes you stop and smell the roses of life. I have lots of plants at my work and all the men love them. They always notice when I take something home and bring something new into work. You wouldn't think a bunch of engineers would care, but they do notice and make nice comments. We can make life happier if we try and you certainly do make life happier with your decorations.
    Thank you always,

  3. How nice to have the space to have a room like that. It is a nice size and I can tell that you enjoy decorating every inch of it. xo Diana

  4. I love how you made the Creative Days kit into a banner Penny. It looks adorable in your utility room... so pretty and feminine ♥
    Hugs - Kerryanne

  5. Everything is so pretty! I love how you did the chandelier. I am wondering if I could do mine similar but have a couple questions. Do your bulbs light up towards the ceiling. Wondered if my material would catch a fire as mine do point upward. Nancy

  6. I tried up sign up to receive your posts via e-mail but captcha won't let me. Any suggestions? Nancy

  7. Penny,
    I think that this post is one of my favorites!! I LOVE the banner you created but I also LOVE the decor in this room. I do enjoy seeing your Farmhouse decor but you know it is not my style even though I do appreciate it in other people's homes! But this room.....This is more like my style and I LOVE it!!! I will have to do some sort of banner like this for my Craft Room but at the rate I am moving lately, It will have to wait until I am done working in the Fall......

  8. Love the sewing theme!!Your banner is such romantic, I love it very much

  9. The decor is so soft and feminine. Definitely a place a woman can enjoy. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  10. Very creative indeed.Thank you for sharing with #OMHGWW

  11. Not tired of these beauties. I love the buttons. Happy Crafting, Kippi #kippiathome

  12. Just popping back to let you know Penny that your banner is being featured on Create, Bake, Grow & Gather tonight.

  13. Oh Penny your banner is the best. I love it because it is so soft and feminine the way you made it. Now what day did you say I could move in?..LOL My home is like yours and I love it. Whenever anyone one new comes they say they don't want to leave because the home is so soft and welcoming to them. That always makes me so happy because I want people to feel that way. Take a rest and enjoy it every day. You really know how to decorate and that is why I love yours and KerryAnnes blogs because they both reflect that come here and sit awhile, relax and enjoy all the soft and feminine pretties your heart can bare. I always leave with more than I came with. IDEAS for my own home. So, Thank you Penny for a beautiful time enjoying your home, for it truly is a peaceful haven of pure Farmhouse, Vintage and Soft beautiful colors. Have a wonderful and blessed day! PS I bet a cup of coffee at your house brings great smiles to anyone. :-)

  14. Penny,
    I love your sewing banner. The space looks amazing. Please stop by Over The Moon Linky Party since you are being featured.


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