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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Decor that Does Double Duty

Over the years,    the way I make selections for my home decor has changed.     I used to buy to much seasonal and holiday I try to find decor that will work in all the seasons and holidays just by altering it a little.

One of the most versatile pieces I've bought is this three tiered metal stand.

Not only can I use my tiered stand for all the seasons and holidays,    I can give it a new look by placing it on a pedestal as you can see in the first photo.   Displaying it in different rooms is also a way to get a fresh look for it.

  In the second photo,   you can see how I decorated it for fall and placed it on a small table.   

In the third photo,    I used it as a small Christmas tree.         

Another trick I wanted to share is how I buy seasonal items when they are on clearance.     The only catch is.....they have to be  able to be used year round.

See the pretty pink bird on my chandy,    I found it 80% off in the Christmas isle at Hobby Lobby.

I found my sweet owl in the Valentine isle,   but she can be used year round.

The mini tobacco basket was in the Christmas isle  (80% off)   I removed the Noel sign that was on it and now I can use it year round.

I bought a couple of the tobacco baskets .......

I also use items to decorate with that I use everyday.......

I  DID  (not any more )     have a big stack of pictures that I used to decorate with........

Now I have a small file folder full of prints that I attach a stick on magnet to the back and have an instant picture.     I print them off on my home printer and a whole bunch of them will fit in a file folder when not in use.......compared to all the room my stacks of pictures were taking up.

I have used my vintage chicken feeder so many ways.......

Today I have a Rooster print on it to go with the Valentine theme I have on the fireplace in the family room.

My print is attached (again )   with stick on magnets.

In the first photo you can see how I put my feeder on a pedestal to give it a new look.   

The second photo shows how I took it apart and made two pieces to set on the kitchen counter this past Christmas.

I plan on using my feeder in the yard too this summer.     How cute will it be as a birdhouse hanging on a tree in the yard!

I have a chicken print on the display cabinet next to it .......

I also have a bird on the chandy like you saw on the other side.     (I like things to

I wanted to share one more thing!     When I was in the yard earlier,   I spotted a purple spot in the flower bed.

We've had a very mild winter here in Eastern New Mexico,   and the spring flowers are starting to show their pretty heads!

Since last fall,    I have been  simplifying,  purging,  cleaning,   donating,   and taking loads of "stuff" to the auction     I am only going to keep the things that I love.   

I'm so glad  you stopped by for a visit today......come back soon!


  1. It makes my day to see your posts.

  2. I like items that does double duty. I don't do the romantic floral but it is pretty. Found you on Bloggers' Pit Stop Blog Party.

  3. These are such lovely ideas to reuse home decor stuff. The three tiered metal stand will come to a lot of use for me now. Found you at the Bloggers pit stop.

  4. Such absolutely gorgeous pictures. I have looked at your post three times today and every time I see something new and unique. Everything is just precious!!!

  5. I love your displays of empty picture frames! The frames themselves become art, don't they? I am also very intrigued about how you put your faux fireplace and mantle structure together. I want a fireplace and mantle so badly, but I have a small house and couldn't put in a real fireplace so I am always looking at the ways folks have used "pretend' ones. Yours is just gorgeous. Are those vintage doors behind the columns and mantle?

    Very inspiring and clever post, Penny.

  6. Lovely as always. Your decor is romantic and inviting. Happy Valentine's Day, Kippi #kippiathome

  7. Penny, You are so inspiring with your great ideas. I do love your Valentine decorations. The sweet pink polk-a-dot measuring cup add so much.
    You have a great idea of purging and selling off; that is exactly what I am trying to do. Wow, is it work.
    I always enjoy your posts.

  8. I love all of the ways you have styled your 3-tier tray. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing with #OMHGWW

  9. I really have enjoyed your tiered tray over the seasons. Such a fun piece to decorate with. I know what you mean, when I started blogging I vowed not to buy things just for blogging. So, life has to evolve naturally! Doesn't mean I won't make a tray, one of these days!

  10. I like your approach to shopping: buy the sales and buy things you can use year-round. This eliminates the need to change out things so much with each season or holiday. Again, lovely home Penny! #OMHGWW

  11. You have so many wonderful ideas! I love getting inspiration from your posts!

  12. Double-duty and multiple-season decor is my approach too! Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas at Vintage Charm!


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