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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Spring Cleaning the Studio

It's my favorite time of the year.....spring cleaning the studio!    The studio is not only where I create,    it's home to a lot of my decorating items.

I spent the day going thru my Easter closet,      I love playing with the!

The studio is one of the out buildings in the backyard.    There's the greenhouse (Our Happy Place),  the tea room (it's hidden by one of the Boston ferns) ,  a couple of Tuff Sheds,  and the studio is the building in the middle of the photo....the one with the french doors and the Farmhouse sign.

    I took this photo of the backyard last summer and it really makes me want spring to hurry and get here!

The studio used to be a double garage,   but since we have a double garage connected to the main house we didn't need another one. 
  We took down the garage door and put up French doors......added a heating/ cooling unit and my studio was complete!

The cabinets were original to the garage,   so all I had to do was fill "um up.      Wish they were white,   but it's not high on my 'to do" list to paint them.

My bunnies have been multiplying over the years.........

When I did my spring cleaning today,    I boxed up a few to send to the auction but there is still too many!

I made these shabby chic eggs and carrots last year.....

My Easter tree has been around for several years.......

I need to do a few repairs on it before I can use it again.

My Easter tree's lights don't work any more and the bows are looking a little sad.

Now let's see what's in the other cabinet.

In my defense,    a lot of these bunnies belonged to my mother and I can't bring myself to get rid of them.

The big bunny in the center  of the top shelf was one of my mothers.

These are new from a couple of years ago......

The black metal file drawers on the shelves came from H's office.     They were used to store "delivered" freight bills.

I am using them to store my Easter eggs and  grass for the Easter baskets.

I have a big Christmas tree right beside the cabinets that I use to store all the faux flowers I use in my arrangements.    The flowers keep getting in front of the camera! 

I'll share my Flower  Christmas Tree in another post.

If you look behind my chair,    you can see some of the lamps that I store in the studio.     We are purging this spring and some of them will be donated and some will be sent to the auction.

One of the bunnies took over my chair while I was up cleaning!

I will share more of my spring cleaning in the studio later!

I always enjoy your visit,   come back soon


  1. I thought I had alot of decorations! Wonderful to have a place to store all your favorite things.

  2. My collection of about 50 bunnies pales in comparison to yours!! You made me feel sooo much better about my accumulation. There is just something about bunnies, isn't there????

  3. Oh my mercy! How adorable! Love all of your bunnies and girl, you only have a few! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Penny, Your bunnies make me feel so young and happy. I couldn't get rid of even one. It takes me back to my childhood and Easter. Oh, what fun Easter was as a child hunting eggs. I love Easter and the coming of Spring. I think you do such a wonderful service to us older gals who like to reflect on our childhood.
    I have a one ear weather vane bunny that wouldn't part with for any amount of money.
    I love the sweetness of bunnies.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful estate. I wish I had storage like you do and it would be more than full.

  5. I love the fabric Easter eggs you said you made last year. Did you post how you made them at the time?

    1. I didn't do a post, but Kerryanne did. Here's a link to hers....

  6. Those bunnies are too cute! Makes me want to paint them. :)


  7. Penny, your studio looks like a bunny house, they are all so sweet, do you name them?
    Thank you for sharing on #OMHGFF Linky Party this week! I sure enjoy your home!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I always wondered where you kept everything, I didn't realize you had three outbuildings full...explains a lot---opening those doors to see all those bunnies---oh my, Spring personified. Grins!

  9. Thanks for sharing your studio cleaning on Homestyle Gathering, Penny! Hope you come back this Tuesday! Hugs!

  10. Penny,
    HOLY MOLY!!! I thought I was bad with all the Holiday decorations I have but you have surpassed me beyond a doubt..... Everything looks so bright and cherry...Something I needed as I am dealing with a lot lately..I just posted about it and I too am Letting Go of some of my Holiday treasures but it is not easy for me...Thanks so much for brightening my day....


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