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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Tips to Organize those Decorating & Project Supplies

I've had the job of trying to organize all my craft and decorating supplies for a long time!     I want to share the most successful organizing  tips that have worked the best for me with you guys!

I've shared how I keep my faxu flowers organized  by storing them in a big Christmas tree......I just poke the stems in to the tree    I also shared how I organize  my faux greenery in an old school locker.   

Today,   I  want to share how I organize  my lace .  trims, ribbon,  pearls.....etc.

My favorite way to organize ribbons is to wrap it around a vintage wooden spool.     The spools can do double duty by using them as a vase to hold  faux flowers and also as a pedestal for a sweet Valentine mouse! 

  Keeping your work area bright and cheerful will also give you the motivation you may need to keep it nice and tidy.

I have a baby bed spring hung on the wall behind  my desk that I keep filled with things that make me smile  

I also like to put out a little seasonal or holiday decor in my work area......not too much ......just a little touch here and there.

I hung this fun Spring banner that I made last year over my desk........

Aren't these letters fun!

Do you ever get inspiration for a project from your surroundings.........I know I do!

I've had my yards of lace stored in name it,   it's been there.     This is by far the best way I've found to organize my lace.

This wooden cubby gets deeper with each level.     So,   I have my small rolls of lace on the top and my wide lace is stored on the bottom 3 shelves.

I'm sure you guys can make one,     but I was lucky enough to find one 90% off at Hobby Lobby last year.

Next to my lace cubby I have a large round table with a three tiered end table on top of it.

Each tier can store all kinds of stuff....

I keep my trims in a pink enamel wash tub      If I want to use my wash tub for say a  Fairy garden.....which I have done in the past,    I just dump my trims in a basket.  

I have a bowl of short pieces of lace that couldn't be rolled up and put in the cubby.

I have cards of lace in the bowl and some of the rolls that wouldn't fit in the cubby.

I organize my ribbon in several ways.     You saw the wooden spools earlier,      I also have some on French drying racks.

Here's the ribbon and table storage from the other side of the room.

I added some Easter touches to this side.......

This paper trunk holds all the little bits of craft supplies that don't fit anywhere else.     You know what I's like that junk drawer you have in the kitchen!

I have pearls in a big glass jar.     

I have all those flower heads that won't attach to a stem anymore in two baskets.   I use them all the time in projects.

I hope you found my organizing tips helpful!   

   I enjoyed your visit so much,    come back soon!


  1. Good morning Penny,
    You should hire out to organize us disorganized people. I used to be organized and life rolled over me. You have inspired me to get doing some of these things you are using.
    I do like the cubby hole storage and the table with the tiers. It is nice everything is visible so you know what you have on hand for easy access.
    Great job.

  2. Ohhh...this is an amazing way to organize all the items. Love especially the wooden spoons and your romantic ribbons

  3. What a great way to store things! Thank you for sharing!

    Blessings - Julie

  4. What a delicious space to work in...Sigh....I must say, I need to tackle my 'Flower-and Crap' room, maybe next week! I did add a new table/shelf for the doll tired of everything tipping off the furniture inside!

  5. Love how you have displayed all of your lace!! The vintage wooden spools wrapped with lace look stunning!! I hope to go through and re- organize my craft room in the coming months and purge things that i have held on to for years and not used. I have been trying to purge Holiday decorations which I find very hard.... Now I will start on the rest of the house....

  6. I love how you organized your lace! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  7. Just discovered your blog. Love your decor! It's like a burst of spring sunshine on these late winter days.


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