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Thursday, June 20, 2019

New Lighting and Changes to the front Yard Decor

This turned out to be another 'domino effect" project that H & I get ourselves into all the time!

To be honest,    spur of the minute projects are my favorite kind!

The harsh winds we had last winter really took a toll on the front yard since it faces the north.    The back yard is more protected and didn't have hardly any damage.

  As you can see in the first photo,   the porch posts were really leaning to the south and needed to be repaired.    The second photo shows how we decided to take them down rather than just do repairs. 

I love the new look!

When we removed the posts,   we realized that the gliders were sitting over the pathway lighting that was put in when the house was built.     The gliders had been sitting on them so long that we had forgotten about!

So,  we moved the glider back where the posts were and decided to hook the pathway lighting back up.

I bought a couple of plant stands at Hobby Lobby to put over the lights to keep people from tripping over them and also to give a place to set a cold glass of sweet tea.

Of course with the new lighting,    I wanted to refresh the decor in that area......more dominoes falling! 

  I moved the serving carts that were up on the porch and put one on each side of the gliders.     Our daughter had given me a vintage serving cart that she no longer wanted the other day that matches one I already had
So they will fill in where the serving carts left a hole on the porch.....more domino's

I brought out my twin pink tricycles from the storage area in the back yard. 

 I planned a get together for later in the evening,   so I put my "new to me" yard sale chenille spreads out on the gliders   ($3 each at a yard sale last Saturday)  and a couple of farmhouse style pillows.     

The weather has just been amazing here in Eastern New Mexico the last few days......

And the cool nights are just made to sit outside with friends.....

The bushes on the other side of the circular drive are in bloom.......

If you look close in the lower right side of the photo,   you'll see a peek at the pony buggy that H & I have been working on.    It suffered extensive damage in the winds last winter and H had to rebuild it almost completely.    I hope to reveal the new buggy by the 4th.....I have always decorated it then!

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please stop by again soon!


  1. Always love everything you do to make your home so welcomming!!! Enjoy your evenings on your fromt porch.

  2. Honestly Penny, my goodness you are always busy. Love the yard, and the lights certainly give the spark for a welcoming walkway. How on earth do you find chenille for $3 ---it's crazy expensive up here in Chicagoland.
    Have a fun weekend, you are definitely ready!

  3. Oh my goodness, Penny! Love your changes to the yard but I'm so sorry about the high winds. We just repaired/moved some fencing here at our new home because winds and dry rot to the back gate and fence required repairs. Almost ready to share! ;)

    Love the lighting you've created! Mr. H is very talented and a good sport. :)
    Stopping over from Friendship Friday at Create with Joy,
    Barb :)

  4. Dear Penny, How pretty your front drive is now. I love the evening pictures as it is so inviting. I bet you have friends and neighbors dropping in all the time. I really like the idea of putting the little tables over the lights. You are always so original and give us so many ideas.
    Thank you. Hope you have fun garage saling this weekend.

  5. Looking fabulous! I love the new changes! Enjoy your wonderful porch!
    Cottage Blessings,

  6. I love the changes. The gliders remind me of my childhood. We used to sit out in the summer and just swing back and forth. I loved those days. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  7. Love how your garden has evolved, Penny! Sometimes the best changes happen when wind and rain wreck havoc and cause us to get our creativity flowing... Well done!!! Happy to feature you at this week's Share Your Style #214, thank you!

    Happy summer to you and Mr. H.,
    Barb :)

  8. Penny,
    The front of your home looks lovely!! I thought the plant stands over the path lights were lanterns... They sure look like they can be lanterns!! I love how the front of your home looks lit up at night...I don't think I realized just how big the front area of your house is...


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